You can’t get a more fun party game than a Piñata!

shutterstock_34187182As summer arrives and the weather warms up more and more, parties start migrating outside to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps indulge in a barbecue, or a picnic. That’s great, but it does bring on the trouble of finding appropriate party games for people to play! Although some regular party games are fine to play outside, but sometimes you just fancy something a little bit different, and for those times, we think we’ve got just the thing! What could be more fun than hitting an inanimate object with a stick and having sweets fall out of it? Not much, right? Piñatas!

Because we’ve got a few different variations of piñata, we’ll start by going through the accessories. Although we do have a piñata that doesn’t require a basher, for the most part you can’t use a piñata without a basher! Our piñata basher is thirty centimetres in length, and super colourful so children will love playing with it. Of course we recommend adult supervision when using the piñata basher- no one wants a wayward child running around armed and dangerous! Our other essential for piñata bashing is a blindfold – it’s a one size fits all blindfold so is suitable for everyone, and makes hitting the piñata loads more fun. Again, we recommend adult supervision (particularly for the blindfold and piñata basher combination!) but we think this will make a great addition to your party!

Now on to the piñata toys themselves. Our Pirate piñata (linked here) makes a fantastic addition to boy’s birthday parties, and other garden parties! All you need to do is fill the pirate with little goodies, such as sweets, or small toys, and hang it up, ready for the little ones – and maybe not so little ones – to play with. The pirate is 23cm in height and 11cm wide, so plenty big enough for everyone to have a go with.

Something a little more suitable for girls’ parties is the ballet slipper piñata. The slipper is perfect for ballet themed parties, or even just parties with a lot of pink! As with the pirate, all you need to do is fill it with sweets and little treats for the children to gather up when they finally fall out of the piñata.

All you need to do is equip the little ones with a piñata bashing stick, and the blindfold if you fancy making things a little trickier and make sure everyone stands back while the bashing commences! We know children will love playing with these great piñata toys.

If you’re not overly keen on the idea of arming children with sticks and letting them loose, then perhaps this offering will be better for you. The Sun Pull piñata is a little different to the other two, not needing to be hit to release the treats. You simply pull the strings hanging from the bottom of the sun, and eventually all the goodies inside will spill out, ready to be collected!

We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for a summer garden party game! You can find everything we’ve talked about in this post here. The piñatas are £15-£19 each, the blindfold is 90p and the bashing stick is £2.70.

Save yourself time when planning your party with our handy tableware saver packs

Planning a party for your child can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t have too much time on your hands. You have to decide on what theme you want, how many people you can fit into your house, whether you should just hire a hall instead, and that’s without actually going out and buying what you’ll need to throw it! We’d bet that once you’ve made your list of things you need to purchase in order to make your party as brilliant as it can be, you’ll probably regret deciding to throw a party in the first place! Because there’s so many bits and bobs you need for a party, we’ve worked our time-saving (and parent saving!) magic once again and put together some brilliant packs that we think will save you lots of time, and also lots of stress! packs are fantastic little bundles that contains all the essentials you need to throw your party! We stock loads of different options, some with specific themes, and others that just go together nicely, and we’re pretty sure you’ll think they’re a great idea! The tableware party saver packs contain everything you need for your table at your party, regardless of the occasion. They contain a table cover, napkins, paper plates and paper cups. You’ll get the amount relevant to the option you choose, for example there’s one table cover in the eight guest sets, but more as you choose a higher number of guests. Having everything in one handy little bundles saves you time trawling around the shops trying to think of exactly what you’ve got left to get for the party!

The tableware saver bundles are especially good if you’re planning a party with a theme, or simply like a nice cohesive style across your tableware but want something a little more interesting than the plain white plates you can get from your local supermarket. Because we do many of our sets in themes, such as Peppa Pig, army camouflage, pirates, Thomas the Tank Engine and so on, we find they make things so much easier for you when planning the party! Sometimes you can have purchased half your tableware in a certain thing, and then discover that you can’t find a table cover to match – with these bundles, you definitely won’t have that problem! Even better than that, they save you time on the day, too, since all you have to do is take the bits from the box they’ll come in and lay them out on the table. We don’t know about you, but when things are scattered everywhere we have a habit of losing them!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some ideas on how you can save time when planning your child’s party, and perhaps even given you an idea for a theme, too. You can find all the saver packs we’ve mentioned in this post here. The prices vary depending on the pack you choose, and the amount of guests you need to tailor it too, but they’re all great value!

Toot sweet party decorations (2)Party themes are absolutely brilliant and all, but what if sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike and you find yourself completely unable to reach a decision as to what theme exactly you’d like to have at your party? Well, for those occasions that are bound to occur at some point, we believe the best approach to go for is simply to have fun with your planning! Go for the brightest, boldest and most fun looking and seeming decorations you can find, and just say that that was what you planned on the whole time! The Toot Sweet Pin Wheel Decorations are a perfect example of the type of decoration that is perfect to do that with – they’re fairly simple in style, but pretty bold, and extremely fun in their patterns!

The pin wheel decorations are, essentially, exactly what they sound like – they’re pretty decorations shaped in the style of pin wheels! They look like full circular paper fans, and are, in fact, made out of paper. They are hanging decorations, so you can place them so they’re cascading from the ceiling, or perhaps hanging from the food table or a DJ booth if you have one – or however you want to do it, it’s entirely your choice! If you don’t have a particular theme in mind for your party, you can just do whatever you fancy, and have fun with it! These are an excellent option for decorating your party venue, and you just can’t go wrong with them!

The paper decoration set contains six pin wheel decorations in total, in three different sizes. The set contains two large wheels, two medium, and two small wheels. The large size comes in at fourteen inches in diameter, the medium size eleven, and the small, seven. Each of the wheels are decorated in wonderfully bright different colours, with either stripes, swirls or spots. No two wheels have the same style of pattern on them, and they’ll look wonderful staggered together to create a non uniform style of decoration that will manage to look great, regardless of how you do it!

These pin wheel decorations are great fun for all occasions – they are perfect for both children’s and adult’s parties. The beautiful decorations would not look out of place even at a New Year’s celebration party, and you could even use the wheel decorations at a wedding, if you fancied a bit more of a colourful style of decoration, and they’d look absolutely perfect at a summer garden party!

You can find the wonderfully fun Toot Sweet Pin Wheel Decoration set, containing six different fans all decorated in a different style here, for just £10 for the set of six.

We hope we’ve inspired you to have a bit of fun next time you’re planning your decorations for a party – you never know what you might be able to come up with!

Fun unisex pass the parcel that kids will love!

Have you ever planned an absolutely brilliant theme for your child’s birthday party, only to realise there will be both boys and girls present and you’d planned to put fairy wings on every one of them? We’d bet this happens more often than people think, purely because it can be a little harder to think of themes that are suitable for both boys and girls that are entertaining for the little ones! Well, we can’t think of many children who don’t enjoy playing with bouncy balls, so why not centre a theme around them? Our bouncing ball pre-filled pass the parcel makes an absolutely perfect addition to children’s parties that are themed around the happy looking toys, and it’ll save you so much time!

Fun, colourful and happy looking themes are brilliant choices for themes for children’s parties! Whether you’ve specifically a “bouncy ball” theme for the party, or you’re just going with loud and bright and plenty of fun, the bouncing balls pre-filled pass the parcel game is the perfect addition to your child’s party! The parcel itself comes as standard with eight layers, and you can add additional layers up to twenty five in total, so all your guests can have a turn! The parcel is wrapped in bright, high quality wrapping paper, which is changed after each layer so the children can’t rip off more than one at a time in their excitement. The prizes within the parcel fit with the theme brilliantly – each layer contains a bouncy ball and a pack of Haribo sweets, with the winner’s prize being a large, scented bouncy ball and a packet of sweets! every child loves bouncy balls, we know this pass the parcel and its contents will go down brilliantly with your guests! Not only will they have fun with the game itself, but there are plenty of games they could come up with using the balls they’ve won once the game is finished. Pass the parcel games are a great way to get a little bit of respite after the children have been running around and dancing during the party. We guarantee at least a little bit of calm!

Not only will the parcel go down a treat with your guests, we’re more than confident you’ll love it, too! Because we put together the parcels for you, wrapping each layer up and sourcing all the bits and bobs to put in as prizes, all you need to do is take the parcels out of the box they come in and hand them to the children for their game! Planning a party can take lots of time, and be more than a little bit stressful if you’re trying to do it all yourself, so we try to help as much as we can!

You can find the bouncing balls pre-filled pass the parcel game here, costing £13.75 for eight layers. We hope we’ve given you some great ideas, not only for a more unisex theme idea, but also for a game to include that’ll save you plenty of time and hassle while you’re planning your little one’s party!