Everything you need to throw a party to remember

Children don’t need much to have fun. If there’s cake, balloons, games and silly hats on offer then you don’t need to provide much else. A magician? A person who makes balloon animals? Bring them all along. But what you really need to make sure you’ve got organised, is all the party supplies.


Party supplies can mean anything from the tableware to the games to the party bags. If you’ve managed to leave the organisation of your kid’s party to the last minute (we’ve all been there/done that) then you’re going to need a one-stop shop solution – an outlet where you can purchase everything you need quickly and cost effectively. This is Parties Wrapped Up. We stock everything you could possibly need in the way of kids party supplies. From decorations and stationery to party games and tableware, we’ve got it all – and more.

You can really go all out at a children’s party. Colourful decorations, themed tableware, balloons at every turn. The young guests will love it. With a little help from Parties Wrapped Up you’ll have a great party on your hands – and some very happy guests.

Choosing your party bag fillers

party-bagsParty bags are commonly given out to guests at the end of a party, as a sort of “thank you for coming” and appreciation of their time and being at your party. These are a fantastic little gift for your party guests, and children in particular absolutely love them – but how do you choose the right party bag fillers to suit both your party theme, and your guests themselves? Well, as connoisseurs of party planning, we thought we’d weigh in and give you some tips on how to choose brilliant party bag fillers for your little loot bags at the end of your celebration – just keep on reading!

Choosing the best party bag fillers for your celebration

When you’re choosing your party bag fillers for your party, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider to make sure you’re getting the right bits inside, these can include:

  • Age
    The age of the recipients will definitely play a big part in what you’re likely to choose to pop into your party bags. Not everything is going to be suitable for especially young children, and older children might prefer something with a little bit of complexity (while a toddler would likely be over the moon with a bouncy ball!). You can see examples of this in our own party bags, which we often separate by age and who would be most likely to enjoy it.
  • Gender
    While plenty of little toys are perfect for both boys and girls, the fact remains that there are still certain things which, generally, will be preferred by either boys or girls. This is almost certainly something you’ll take into consideration when putting together your party bags to make sure they’re completely loved!
  • Interests
    If you’re having a small party and know all of your guests very well, then you might want to cater to their individual interests for their party bags. Likewise, if you know the whole group has a shared interest, then you could base your party bags around this shared interest so all of the contents are along a similar theme.
  • Party Theme
    Most people curate their party bags to fit with the theme of the party they’re throwing. Ensuring that the bags and the contents all work well with whatever theme you’ve chosen is a great way of ensuring that your party is totally cohesive! You can choose from a range of our themed pre-filled bags if you prefer, also. The link is provided below.
  • Your Own Budget
    Don’t forget to take your own budget (and time) constraints into consideration! After all, party bags are intended as a small gesture, so there’s no need to go overboard with them and fill them with all manner of things that end up costing more than the party as a whole! Keep it simple, and your guests are sure to love them!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some advice, guidance and inspiration for choosing fantastic party bag fillers to round off your party perfectly! You can find our range of party bag fillers here, or if you’re still feeling like you need a little bit of extra help, then why not just take a look at our pre-filled party bags here? They’re already completely ready to go!

Spring outdoor parties – everything you need

It’s nearly Spring! The clocks go back very soon, heralding the arrival of one of the most pleasant seasons, and the start of some lovely weather! So, it’s time to start getting your barbecues out and dusting them off; digging out the picnic basket and getting your plastic crockery ready to go – it’s time for some outdoor parties! If you’ve got a special occasion coming up that you’re considering celebrating out and about in the park, at the beach or even just in your own back garden, then you’re in the right place for some helpful hints and tips!

Spring Outdoor Parties: What will you need?

Pom_Pom_Picks_2_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukGetting outside with family and friends is a fantastic thing to do even when you don’t have a thing to celebrate, but add a party into the mix and you really can’t beat it! But what will you need to ensure that your party runs smoothly and you’ve got absolutely everything to throw a fantastic party? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today!

Tableware that’s safe around little ones and hard ground.
Glass crockery, young children and the outside world don’t really mix too well. Stick with something sturdy (such as our prettily patterned melamine range – find it here) to lay your food out on and some card pieces for eating/drinking from (find our themed tableware sets here) – not only is it safer, but the card saves on washing up, too!

Decorations that fit the outside environment!
We mention them a fair but, but our range of paper decorations (find them here) are perfect for when you’re out and about! They’re light enough that you could attach them to a tree, or a post, with sticky tape and not have to worry about damaging anything when you’re taking them back down again. They’re brightly coloured, perfect for mixing and matching and look fantastic no matter the occasion you’re celebrating – we’d recommend taking a look!

Party games that take advantage of the space!
Thinking of party games for while you’re outside can be a little bit awkward; having to take loads of things with you isn’t ideal either – but with a ball and our Melissa & Doug Activity Cones (find them here), you can create loads of games that you and the little ones are sure to absolutely love! You can play ball games; racing games; even musical games if you have a battery powered speaker. Just use your imagination!

Fun food for all your guests
You’re not going to want to prepare lots of fantastic food only to be unable to transport it to wherever you’re having your party! Have a look at this fantastic list of recipes which has plenty of ideas for your outdoor party menu.

We hope we’ve been able to help out and give you some great inspiration for your celebrations while the weather’s a little bit warmer – take advantage of it while it lasts! To see everything party related that we stock on our website, then check it out here!

Pass the parcel party games for toddlers

If you’ve got a toddler and are planning a party, then you’ll know well just how tough it is to find party games that are suitable for them to play. The risk of accidents is always high with so many little people around, and it’s important to negate that as much as possible… Well, today we’re going to be talking about our brilliant range of toddler pass the parcel games! Not only are they completely safe for little ones to play, but they’re super fun and can be chosen to perfectly align with whatever theme you’ve chosen for your little ones party. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Pass the Parcel that’s perfect for toddlers

Toddler-Peter-Rabbit-Pass-The-Parcel-And-Main-PrizeAll of our toddler age pass the parcel party games are perfectly created to match up with whatever theme you’ve chosen for your party. Each parcel is wrapped in beautifully vibrant paper, which is colourful and wonderfully high quality to ensure that your party guests will absolutely love it. Each parcel contains a main prize, and several smaller prizes with a variety of sweet treats to give your guests a prize that they’ll love!

We alternate the paper that the parcels are wrapped in so that no two layers are the same, meaning that over excited little ones are less likely to rip through more than one layer at a time in their excitement; all the time ensuring that the paper matches perfectly with the theme you’ve chosen. All of our parcels come as standard with eight layers, but you can add more on to this so all your guests can have a turn, if you prefer!

A popular option for little girls is Peppa Pig, and we can definitely see why! With the popularity of the TV show growing even today, the characters are well loved and anything to do with them is bound to go down well! Our Peppa Pig pre-wrapped pass the parcel party game contains plenty of Peppa Pig themed prizes that your guests will love – including the main prize of a themed colouring set, with a punch balloon and a bag of Haribo sweets for a lovely sweet treat. You can find this parcel option at this link.

A fantastic option for little boys (or little girls who love their trains!) is Thomas the Tank Engine. A firm favourite throughout the years, it’s no surprise at all that everyone still loves their favourite train! This parcel contains the main prize of a fantastically fun Thomas the Tank Engine colouring set that little ones are sure to love, and a Haribo sweet treat. Find this parcel here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration, guidance and assistance for planning your little ones’ party and the perfect games to play! You can find our complete range of pass the parcel games for toddlers at this link, and all the tableware you could ever need – for any occasion – right here. Happy party planning!

Everything you need for your Star Wars party!

Star Wars has always been a popular franchise; frequently bringing itself right back to the forefront of people’s minds! In fact, it’s now presented trilogies in three totally different decades, meaning the love of the franchise truly does span generations. This means that there’s likely to be a huge number of people wanting to throw a brilliant Star Wars party when they’re celebrating, regardless of their age, and we’re here to help you make that happen! If you’re considering throwing an awesome Star Wars party and need a helping hand, then you’re in the right place – here’s everything you need to throw an amazing Star Wars Party!

Everything you need for your Star Wars Party

When you’re throwing an amazing party, there are always a few things that you’re going to need. Let’s get started talking about our brilliant Star Wars themed party accessories that are sure to make your party go down a treat!

Tableware is always a good place to start when putting your party together, because making your table look great is pretty important! If you’re planning on having a small gathering of your favourite people, then look no further than our bumper party saver pack to give you everything you need! The set contains all of the tableware you’re going to need, including a table cover, plates, cups and napkins – but also gives you a few decorative options, in the way of a set of balloons and some “happy birthday” candles to pop into your Star Wars cake! This is plenty for a smaller get together, or a tea party. Find the set here, starting at £21.79.

If, however, you’re planning on going all out with the decorations and want to grab your tableware without any additions, then the tableware set is perfect for you. This set just focuses on getting you set up with some brilliant tableware, and includes your table cover, plates, napkins and cups just like the other set, but while leaving you free to decorate your party venue however you choose (if you’re stuck for decorative inspiration, why not take a look at our range of decorations here?). You can find this set here, starting at £14.80.

Finally, our pre-wrapped Star Wars Pass the Parcel party game is absolutely perfect for Star Wars parties for children! Wrapped in high quality, brightly coloured and perfectly themed paper (alternated to avoid ripping through more than one layer at a time), this parcel consists of a brilliant main prize (a Star Wars sticker pad), and plenty of other super fun prizes and sweet treats for the game winners to enjoy! The parcel starts with eight layers, but you can add more to accommodate your guests if you need to. Find it here, starting at £14.25.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration, advice and brilliant suggestions to help you make your party amazing! You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post right here, and don’t forget that if you’re looking for something that you can’t find on our website, just get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you out. Happy party planning!

Party inspiration to help when planning your celebration!

While we give you lots of suggestions and advice for when you’re throwing fantastic parties, we don’t always offer lots of overall party ideas to help you get yourself inspired (maybe we should do this more often, what do you think?), but today this is going to change… we’re going to be talking about several different blogs and websites that do party inspiration the best, with excellent suggestions for products, themes, and beautiful pictures to really help your imagination. With a bit of luck, you’ll find yourself completely inspired and able to think of a party that will wow not only your guests, but yourself, too.

Party Inspiration for your Imagination

Hello Party
Hello Party also runs a fantastic blog with a tonne of party inspiration just ready to go! From DIY tutorials to help you create something amazing for your party, to plenty of photographs of posts on themes that are sure to give you absolutely tonnes of ideas, when you’re looking for extra party inspiration, definitely head over to Hello Party for some ideas!

Catch My Party
Catch My Party have a bit of everything when it comes to parties; there’s inspiration for your themes, DIY decorations, recipes, and plenty more. There are lots of bright, colourful pictures to help you picture how your chosen theme will turn out if you put enough effort into it, and lots of guidance to help you put together an amazing party (check out some of our own blog posts for more on this if you’re looking for a bit of extra help!), and plenty more to look through and admire.  Definitely take a look next time you’re planning an awesome party.

Hex Jam Themes Article
This is a specific article rather than an entire website, but it contains over a hundred party themes that are sure to make your party amazing! For those of you who are great at putting a party together once you’ve got an idea, but have a bit of trouble coming up with your initial theme, then this article is going to be everything you need to help you create the most amazing party!

Pinterest is an amazing tool for inspiration and putting together different aspects of any event and parties are no different. You can browse other peoples’ boards, search for different photos and inspiration and pin them to your own boards, thereby creation your very own inspiration source and something you can refer back to at any time for more ideas, or to add things to.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some extra ideas and inspiration for the next party you plan! It’s absolutely amazing what some people are capable of doing just with a few ideas and simple additions, so hopefully you’ll be able to do the same! To see our complete range of everything party related, just head over to our website!

Engagement parties – everything you need!

With Valentine’s Day just gone and spring in the air, there are bound to be a few marriage proposals afoot. With these often come fantastic engagement parties for families and friends to celebrate your happy news together – but are you going to have time to plan something amazing with everything else that you need to do? Well, with our help, yes you are! Today we’re going to be talking about everything you need to throw an amazing engagement party that you and all of your loved ones will absolutely love. Let’s just get into it, shall we?

Everything you need for your engagement party

Tableware is a must for any celebration, but for an occasion as significant as this you can’t just settle for anything! We think our Toot Sweet Floral Pattern Saver Tableware Pack is absolutely perfect for an engagement party; it’s not too in your face with decoration, but still is nicely patterned and colourful enough to make it look and feel as special as it should be! The saver pack contains everything you need for your table, including your table cover, paper plates, napkins and cups (find this set here, starting at £18.54), but you can also find the pieces individually if that’s what you prefer.

Honeycomb_Decoration_Garland_2_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukOnce your table is set and ready to go, why not look into some of our beautiful decorations to decorate your party venue (even if that’s just your home!) and make it look the part? If you’re looking for a beautiful garland to add a bit of glamour and sophistication to your party, then both the multicoloured confetti garland (here, for £4.80) and the Vintage Affair Paper Flower Garland (here, for £6.00) are perfect! They both add the perfect amount of extra decoration to your even, while keeping it classy! Of course, our general purpose paper fans and pom-pom decorations are great, too! They give you a lot of colour and texture in extremely affordable and varied decorations that you and your guests are sure to love – check out the range here.

If you’d like to keep your guests entertained and also have plenty of wonderful photographic memories from your engagement party (and perhaps your wedding reception – this would work for that, too!) team up a disposable camera (or a request for copies of any digital pictures people take) with a set of these Vintage Lace Photo Booth Party Props for plenty of fun and lots of pictures to remember your night by! These sets contain plenty of photo props that your guests will love using, and they’ll create lots of fun, happy memories for everyone. Find the set here, for £7.80.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration and suggestions for your engagement party. After all, with an extra little bit of guidance you’re free to plan the wedding! Enjoy your special day and all that it brings… happy party planning!