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girls party tableIf you’re one of those people who simply use white tableware and make do at their parties, then stop! Your party tableware is a huge part of your party, simply because it’s in a place where everyone can see it, and most people are going to be using it at some point. If you’ve put the effort into making a super fun theme that all of your decorations and accessories adheres to then why not keep your party tableware themed to go along with it?

harlequin-patterned-party-tableware-platesHere at Parties Wrapped Up, our range of tableware is something we’re pretty proud of. Whether you choose single items, a tableware bundle, or a party saver bundle, you’re sure to get a high quality tableware set that you and your guests will all love! Our tableware and saver bundles will ensure that your party supply is completely topped up and ready to go, with each item co-ordinating with each other, and your party as a whole. Why not take a look at our full range for inspiration for your party, and to see if we’ve got what you need?

We’ve talked a lot about themed tableware for children’s parties here, but many of our party supplies are geared towards adults parties, too! You can find plenty of gorgeous tableware for your event at this link, including some rather special pieces you’ll want to keep hold of to use again.

Must have party games #partygames

Fun-Gift-Pass-The-Parcel-And-Main-PrizeParty games are always the highlight of any party, aren’t they? Whether you’re a fan of musical games, outdoor games such as water fights, races, or maybe even a piñata (we really wouldn’t advise trying this indoors, but they are fun!), there’s always something brilliant about seeing a group of children have fun at a party together. If you’re looking for some great ideas for your birthday party games, then we’ve got a few for you now.

In the realm of games for children’s parties, you can’t not have a pass the parcel or two in there. If Winners-Medalsyou’re not one for sourcing all the prizes and wrapping the parcels yourself – not everyone has the gift of wrapping, we know – then why not take a look at our pre-filled range? It saves the trouble of thinking of the kid’s party ideas for prizes and the game itself, and saves you time because we do all the hard work for you.

Other great children’s party ideas for games include things you can play outside. When the weather starts warming up, why not start having sports competitions, races, and anything else you can think of! All you really need for games like this is a set of cones (like these brightly coloured, high quality Melissa and Doug ones), and some winner’s medals to give out as prizes to the winners!

Find a pass the parcel party game to match your party theme #partygames #party

Bouncing-Balls-Pass-The-Parcel-And-Main-PrizeLeaving the planning of our children’s party right until the last minute, we’ve all been there! Running around in a flap trying to get everything ready in time; wishing the food would cook itself, and the party bags would turn up full – or perhaps that a readymade pass the parcel would pop up, making things that little bit easier for you.

Well, we can’t help you with your party food, but our handmade pass the parcel range, including a fantastic pass the parcel unisex selection, will certainly help you with your fun pass the parcel games!

The pass the parcel game for children is an absolute staple at children’s parties, and we think our super fun range complements that perfectly! Each parcel is hand wrapped, and filled with specially selected prizes and sweet treats to match your little one’s favourite character, or your party theme, perfectly.

Disney-Princess-Pass-The-Parcel-And-Main-Prize.pngIf you’re looking for a pass the parcel for boys, then why not check out our Star Wars Pass the Parcel? It’s sure to go down well with any Star Wars fans! Or perhaps you’re looking for a pass the parcel for girls. We’ve got a fantastic range of beautifully put together pass the parcel games for girls, including the Disney Princess parcel, filled with wonderful prizes for your little princess and her guests. Finally, our range of pass the parcel for toddlers is made with special care, to ensure there are no sharp edges or unsuitable prizes for your tiny ones. You can find the whole range right here.

Everything you need to throw a party to remember for your little ones first birthday #party #firstbirthday #partytime

Your baby’s first birthday party is an occasion that’s as special as they come. The fun  celebrations with all your friends and family, beautifully created first birthday party decorations and all of your other carefully selected party supplies work together to help your party be as perfect as it possibly can be.


Of course, looking after a just-about-to-turn-one year old, and everything else you have to do in your life makes you busy, and can be stressful, so often planning the perfect party will be the furthest thing from your mind. If that’s the case, then we can help! Our range of 1st birthday party supplies can give you everything you need for your party; from beautiful decorations, to functional and themed tableware, and even a toddler party game or two to up the fun factor.

FINAL-IMAGE-ZOO-TODDLER copyAs the finishing touch on your party, party bags are absolutely wonderful! They let the fun carry on even when your guests have gone home, and act as a little “thank you for coming”. But have you ever tried finding everything you need for toddler party bags? Making sure everything is suitable can be a lengthy process, so we’ve done all the hard work for you! Our range of pre-filled toddler party bags come with everything you need to just remove from the bag and go. They’re filled with plenty of appropriate treats for the toddler age group, and you can choose the bag to suit your theme. Find them here.

Save yourself some time with our pre filled party bags #partybags #party

activity-themed-party-bag-pre-filled-ready-madeCan you remember your favourite part of parties as a child? We certainly can! Getting a party bag at the end of a friend’s party was always one of the best bits, getting to take home one of the party bags full of fun little toys and sweet treats to have even after the fun was over with. Even now, one of the great things about parties is getting to give out the party bags at the end… but aren’t they a pain to put together?!

Here at Parties Wrapped Up, our pre-filled party bag is one of the things we feel saves our customers the most time, energy and money. They’re the perfect party bag, ready made to hand out to your guests by the time the end of your party comes around, and full of plenty of treats that your guests are sure to love.

butterfly-themed-party-bag-pre-filled-ready-madeAll of our pre-filled party bags are created with your theme and party ideal in mind; the bags are selected to match your theme (featuring a pattern/colour of your choice, or perhaps your little one’s favourite character for their party), with the party bag fillers carefully chosen to ensure suitability, theme matching, and plenty of fun!

So, if you’re looking for a brilliant range of excellent party bags, UK created, then check out our full range on our website – find them here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

decorations balloonsWhat really brings a party to life? Music, for one, guests, for another, but decorations play their part too. Colour, colour and yet more colour is usually the order of the day when it comes to decorating a room for a children’s party. From bunting and balloons to streamers and hanging paper ornaments, when it comes to party decorations, more is less.

Have you a children’s party to organise? What you need is a varied and unique selection of party decorations, preferably from one supplier, so that you can buy everything easily from one outlet.

That’s what you’ll find at Parties Wrapped Up. We’ve got everything from patterned paper lanterns to confetti to garlands.

Nothing brings a party to life quite like party decorations. Decorate, embellish and give your party the wow factor it deserves.

Everything you need to throw a party to remember

Children don’t need much to have fun. If there’s cake, balloons, games and silly hats on offer then you don’t need to provide much else. A magician? A person who makes balloon animals? Bring them all along. But what you really need to make sure you’ve got organised, is all the party supplies.


Party supplies can mean anything from the tableware to the games to the party bags. If you’ve managed to leave the organisation of your kid’s party to the last minute (we’ve all been there/done that) then you’re going to need a one-stop shop solution – an outlet where you can purchase everything you need quickly and cost effectively. This is Parties Wrapped Up. We stock everything you could possibly need in the way of kids party supplies. From decorations and stationery to party games and tableware, we’ve got it all – and more.

You can really go all out at a children’s party. Colourful decorations, themed tableware, balloons at every turn. The young guests will love it. With a little help from Parties Wrapped Up you’ll have a great party on your hands – and some very happy guests.