Food ideas for your tea party

So you’re thinking of having a tea party? Great idea! They’re a super fun little get together that both children and adults absolutely love, not to mention being less hassle than planning a full party! If you’re thinking of throwing one of these super fun parties and need some inspiration for the food you can serve, whether you’re thinking of cooking it yourself or just popping to your local supermarket, you’re in the right place! Today, we’re talking about the food that’s perfect for tea parties, and we hope you’ll get some great ideas.

Tea party food inspiration

Let’s start by talking about how you can present your food for your guests to eat. Our range of melamine plates and bowls are perfect for this; they’re super fun, pretty, and easy to clean – as well as being a bit more sturdy than your regular plates and bowls, so you don’t need to worry about them getting broken! They’re perfect to be used with any of the tea party foods we’re talking about today, and you can find the whole range right here.

Sausage rolls and sandwiches

Something savoury to get you started, sausage rolls and sandwiches! You can make your own sausage rolls if you fancy, simply using some sausage meat and puff pastry, or just buy them from your local supermarket. Don’t forget to put plenty of variety into your sandwiches to keep people interested!


a101787_1[1]Cupcakes are perfect for tea parties, and are brilliant party foods for people of all ages! You can lay them out on your melamine plates, or pop them into one of our cake boxes to make them feel a little bit more special if you prefer. You can buy them from the supermarket ready made, or for a more personal touch you can make some yourself – this recipe is simple, and perfect!

Not quite a cupcake, but cake pops are super fun to make, and even more fun to eat! You can decorate them however you fancy and they go down an absolute treat with both children and adults alike. You can make them yourself using this simple recipe here, and literally decorate them however you want! Our Frills & Frosting cake pop set gives you everything you need to get started making your own cake pops, and prettily, too!


Pretty much everyone loves a cookie, and there’s so much you can do with them, making them absolutely perfect for your tea party! Take a look at this recipe for a basic sugar cookie recipe, which you can adapt to your own tastes and decorate however you like – brilliant for your tea party!


Fruit Skewers

For a nice healthy sweet treat, try out fruit skewers! These couldn’t be easier to make, and they’re so nice! Simply chop up some fruit into small pieces; using banana, grape, pineapple, apple, oranges, strawberries, and so on, and pop onto a skewer. Lay them out on your melamine plates and you’re good to go!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration for some great tea party food ideas, and great ways to present them!

Party games for adults!

Party games aren’t just for children’s parties, no matter how much you might think they are! Of course, we’re not expecting you to get up and play musical chairs – although there’s nothing stopping you if that’s something you fancy doing! But we do have plenty of suggestions for some great adult party games, and even a brilliant range of bits that are ready to go. So, if you’re planning a party soon and would like a bit of extra entertainment but the inspiration is running a little dry, then we’ve got some great suggestions that we think you’ll absolutely love!

Party games for adult parties!’s start with something that definitely doesn’t immediately jump to mind when you think of a party game for grown ups; pass the parcel! Yes, it does immediately make you think of being a child, sat in a circle and wishing desperately for the music to stop on you so you could rip off a layer of paper and grab yourself a prize, but there’s no reason you can’t replicate that as an adult! We’ve got a fantastic range of pass the parcels that are hand-made, pre-wrapped and ready to go! Depending on the parcel you choose – because we have quite a few – you’ll find a sweet treat, a fun activity to do to keep you entertained, and some party poppers as your main prize. Find the range here.

Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? Trivia games are a great way to entertain your party guests, and to break the ice between people who don’t know each other yet, and we’ve got a fair few that are absolutely perfect for any kind of dinner party. Our Dipsticks games come in a wide range, each containing a number of “sticks” with an activity, or a question on to get everyone involved and having plenty of fun; and best of all, it doesn’t matter if your guests aren’t completely familiar with each other, because they won’t need to be! You can find the Dipsticks here.

This isn’t so much a game really, but they definitely are entertaining! If you’re having a smaller party or get together, or even just a girls’ night in and you want plenty of pictures to help you remember the evening, why not take a look at the Vintage Lace Photo Props? The set contains 10 different photo props for you to use, giving you the opportunity to take some fun photos and make wonderful memories! Not to mention the fact that they’ll keep you busy for hours with the sheer variety! You can find the photo props here.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have plenty of fun at your get together; even if you’re just throwing on some music and having a dance! We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for some party games that are suitable for your party! Who said games were just for kids? Happy party planning!

Traditional wedding decorations

When we think of a traditional wedding décor scheme, it tends to be largely white, silver, and other pale pastel colours that are all very complementary. This is an incredibly elegant, pretty style of decoration that’s absolutely beautiful in any venue, for any happy couple! Unfortunately, these decorations can be a little bit expensive, so we thought we’d talk about some affordable options that you can take a look at when planning out the décor for your wedding, and give you some great ideas at the same time! So, if you’re planning a wedding soon and are beginning to think about your decorations, then just keep on reading.

Wedding Decorations that follow Tradition

Let’s start with a garland, shall we? Our wooden letters “Mr & Mrs” garland is a fantastic decoration that lends itself perfectly to a traditional style; it’s white in colour, elegant and sophisticated, and would look brilliant either as a backdrop to photographs, or hung on the wall behind the head table. You can find it here, for £5.94.

A102195Another gorgeous garland that you can use on a wall, hanging from a table or as a backdrop for your photos is the rose paper garland. It’s made up of paper shaped into pretty roses, coloured in white again, which won’t look out of place at even the fanciest of weddings! You can find that one here, for £6.00.

Moving on to table decorations, you can get away with most types of table confetti even with a traditional décor code, and they all look great, adding a bit of extra interest to your tables! You can find our complete range of table confetti at this link, and we think all of them would look fantastic, especially the decorative table sparkles to catch the light!

It wouldn’t be a party without some sort of pom-pom decorations, so why not take a look at our white tissue paper pom-poms to help round off your wedding decoration scheme perfectly? They look small and fluffy, and complement everything else we’ve spoken about in this post brilliantly. You can find them here, for £4.32 for a pack of five.

Although we’ve kept it pretty conservative here, recommending predominantly white decorations, there’s no reason at all you can’t add more decorations in different colours and add extra points of interest to your overall décor scheme. Take a look at our range of paper fans and pom-poms to help you do this; there are plenty of decorations that are gorgeous and brilliant to mix and match. You can find them here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration and guidance for some brilliant decorations and accessories for your happy day! You can find our complete range of wedding decorations, accessories, gifts and the like at this link.  We hope you have a wonderful day, and as always, happy party planning!

Treasure hunt party games

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, don’t they? Believe it or not, they make brilliant party games, no matter what the occasion is, whether you’re holding your party indoors, or outside! They’re also  fantastic for children of all ages, as you can make them as difficult or as simple as you want, meaning that everyone can take a turn without needing to worry about finding it too difficult, or not wanting to play because they find it too easy. So, if you’re planning a party soon and would like to incorporate some treasure hunting games, then just keep on reading!

Treasure Hunt Ideas and Prizes

To make a brilliant treasure hunt party game for younger children, leave out the clues and just hide your treasure around for them to find! Try hiding our pocket money toys in various hiding places for the little ones to go and find – choose hiding places according to how difficult or easy you want to make your treasure hunt!

For children that are a little bit older, up into their teenage years, a treasure hunt is still a great thing to do at a party! Maybe change up the treasure a little bit according to age to make sure your treasure is suitable, but other than that, your game can remain the same. If you want to kick it up a gear in terms of difficulty, why not write out some riddles and clues to be solved in order to find the treasure! These are especially good for older children and teenagers, since it gives them something to think about rather than just searching around for their treasure.

Winners-MedalsIt’s a great idea to offer a prize at the end of your treasure hunt games, especially for the ones with clues and riddles! For older children, why not take a look at our winners medals? They’re modelled after traditional Olympic medals (perfect for this year!) and make a fantastic prize at the end of a party game. For younger children, you can’t go far wrong offering a little bag of treats as a prize at the end of their treasure hunt; our pre-filled party bags are absolutely fantastic, and you can choose between a bag with just sweets in, or one of our other bags that also contains a bundle of toys to play with! You can find our pre-filled party bag range here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some helpful inspiration for creating brilliant treasure hunting party games for the next party that you throw! You can find toys to use as buried treasure at this link, awesome prizes both here, and here. Happy party planning!

Beautiful baby shower accessories and decorations, even without a theme!

When we think of throwing a fantastic party, all too often our minds go straight towards planning a celebration with a strict theme. Perhaps there are characters from books or TV shows that we’d like to incorporate, a specific time period that we love and want to base our celebrations around, or there’s just the sort of theme that we feel we need to do in order to make our party amazing. Well, today we’re saying no to all that, and focusing on throwing a brilliant baby shower with pretty decorations and accessories that suit everyone! No theme for us today.

Who needs a theme with these gorgeous pieces?

When thinking of baby showers, people often think that they need to stick to one idea, or colour scheme, in order to make the party work. We disagree with this! If the colours go together, then by all means mix and match; a baby shower is the perfect place to do this! Plenty of our baby shower decorations come in beautiful pastel tones, meaning they look absolutely wonderful together. This is a great approach to take if you’re not sure what gender your baby is and want to do a party that would suit both, or if you don’t care for traditional “blue is for boys”, “pink is for girls”!

Let’s start with the table; our Toot Sweet Yellow Stripe tableware set is absolutley perfect for a baby shower party. The set itself contains everything you need for your table, including your table cover, napkins, plates and cups, and is decorated beautifully. The decoration is made up of white and yellow lines, with some pretty gold details around the edges of some of the pieces. The set is absolutely gorgeous, and will look fab on any baby shower table! You can find it here, for £19.14.

Try out some table accessories in the form of our pretty paper straws, and these little treat pots to hold your nibble food. They each come in a variety of colours so you can choose one to suit the look you want for your party – either way, they’ll look great! It’s not necessarily tradition to give out treat bags at the end of a baby shower, but if it’s something you want to do, our gorgeous pastel coloured paper bags are perfect for the job! Again, you can get them in different colours, so you can choose whether to mix and match, or choose one pastel colour for your party. Find the bags here. for decoration? Why not take a look at our page of fan, pom-pom and honeycomb decorations? They’re all gorgeously coloured – or patterned, if you prefer patterns – and look absolutely fantastic for any special celebration, including your baby party! They add some brightness, texture and an extra bit of interest to your party, making it fun without leaving you pigeon-holed into a themed decoration scheme.

We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to throw off the theme mantle and embrace some colour and texture with your parties. Although it can feel safe sticking to a specific theme because then you know exactly what needs to go where, there’s no need to allow it to limit you! You can find all of the decorations we’ve spoken about in this post here, including extra pieces and even our themed sets, if you still fancy the tried and tested route. Happy party planning!

Swords and sorcery party

Swords and sorcery parties are all about the fantasy. They’re plenty of fun, and enjoyable for people of all ages, but if there’s one age group that loves a bit of mystery in their parties and to make things magical, it’s younger children! Because of this, we’ll be focusing on them today; giving you tips, tricks and plenty of ideas for throwing a fantastic swords and sorcery party for your little one – so if they’ve ever dreamed of being a knight, a king, a princess or a fairy, then just keep on reading because you’re in the right place!

Everything You Need for a Great Fantasy Party!

Our Brave Knight party section contains everything you need to throw a fantastic party for your little knight, including some brilliant dressing up options that they’re sure to absolutely love! You can find that all at this link, and it’s a great starting point for planning an awesome swords and sorcery party.

For a set of absolutely gorgeous tableware that gives a true air of magical mystery to a fantastic party, why not take a look at our Unicorn Fantasy tableware? It’s absolutely perfect for a little girl’s fantasy style party, with its smoky purple, blue and green style colouring, and pretty unicorn as the main decoration. You can choose either single pieces, or entire sets which contain everything you need for your party table! You can find the entire range of Unicorn Fantasy tableware at this link.

For decorations, you can make pretty much anything work as long as you have the right sort of atmosphere! Take a look through our garlands and bunting page for plenty of decorations that will look fantastic at your fantasy party!

A102173Once you’ve got everything else ready for your party, the only thing there is left to do is get dressed up and have a tonne of fun! For a little girl, why not try out our super cute princess crown! It’s pink in colour, and just sits under the chin with a little piece of elastic securing it. You can find the crown here, for £4.32, add the Lucy Locket Queen’s Cape (here, for £26.40) and you’ve got an outfit fit for the birthday girl!

There are plenty of dressing up options for boys, too! You can find all of them at this link. They’re all certain to help your little one look and feel absolutely amazing on their special day!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for a brilliant swords and sorcery style party, with a wonderful air of fantasy and magic! All you need to do to complete the party is to have a search on YouTube for some wonderful fantasy style music (try the Final Fantasy games soundtracks, and the Lord of the Rings movies soundtracks for a good starting point), create some gorgeous food and you’re good to do! Happy party planning!

Saving you time when planning your party

So… you want to plan a party for a special someone in your life, it’s not that hard right? You’ll be able to fit in everything you need to do after work and be done in a few hours! Well, maybe, but it’s not always as easy as that. One of the big things we always try to do for our customers is save you as much time as possible when you’re planning your parties. We know how long it can take putting everything together and making sure you’ve got it all as perfect as possible, and not everyone has the time! So, today we’re going to talk about how we save you time when you’re planning your party, and hopefully get everything sorted as efficiently as possible!

Time Saving Options for Your Party

We offer a number of different products that aim to save you time when planning the important elements of your party – these include your decorations, your tableware, your party games and the bits that you get at the end of the party!

CC3657_CircusTimeTableware Sets and Bumper Party Sets
These sets contain everything you need to throw your party and have everything for your table, all fitting your chosen theme! The tableware sets include your table cover, napkins, plates and cups, with the bumper party sets containing all this, plus some balloons and “happy birthday” candles. You can buy the tableware in these complete sets, or purchase pieces individually, if you prefer.

You can find our full range of tableware and party sets here.

Pre-Wrapped Pass the Parcel

Our pre-wrapped pass the parcel party games are all hand made, wrapped with the highest quality, vibrant paper and filled with prizes that fit perfectly to the theme that you’ve chosen! We work hard to ensure all the prizes are age appropriate, and fit as well as possible with the theme of your choice.

You can find our full range of pass the parcel party games here.

Pre-filled party bags
Our pre-filled party bags are brilliant for saving you time when putting together your party bits. We choose the best bags, and fill them with plenty of little toys and sweet treats that fit really well with the theme of your party. All you need to do with these is take them out of the box, and hand them out as your guests are leaving your party – that’s all there is to it!

You can find the full range of our pre-filled party bags here.

If you’re looking for a theme that we don’t currently have on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we might be able to get it in for you!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration and some more information as to how we save you time when you’re planning your parties. Remember, if you need any advice or would like to check if we carry the items you’re looking for, you can do a quick search on our website, or get in touch with us over Facebook or by email! Our team are always happy to help.