Let “the force awaken” your party!

Okay, it’s a bit of a cheesy title; we’ll admit it – but given the recent release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, we’d put bets on a whole new generation of Star Wars lovers being created, and you know what that means? Themed parties! So whether your little one is showing signs of becoming a Star Wars lover, or already is one, we think you’ll be interested in our brilliant Star Wars themed tableware! If you’d like to learn a little bit more, or are already planning a Star Wars party, then just keep on reading for more information.

Brilliant tableware for the Star Wars lover in your life!

Star-Wars-Party-TableWe’re firmly of the opinion that our tableware sets are the most convenient way you can save time when planning your party without cutting corners and sacrificing that beautiful cohesive theme that we all strive for. Of course, when you’ve picked something of an unusual theme, or simply one that you’re likely to have trouble finding the bits and pieces for, you’re bound to be spending an awful lot of time searching for things, and just not getting your party planning done!

If this sounds familiar to you, then worry no longer. Our tableware bundles are especially put together to ensure that you have everything you need to make your table look fantastic, without sacrificing the theme that you’ve chosen for your party. Most of our tableware comes in two main bundle types:

The Tableware Bundle
This is the bundle that contains all of the tableware you could need for your party, but without any extra decorations so you can go all out on decorating your venue if you fancy. These sets contain plates, cups, table covers and napkins usually – the Star Wars set does – and will all perfectly match the theme you’ve chosen.

The Partyware Bundle
This bundle contains everything the bundle above contains, with the additions of some balloons and candles. This small addition makes this bundle perfect for smaller parties, such as tea parties and or a family get together, where you’re not going to go all out with your decoration but you still want a balloon or two.

Our Star Wars tableware is unmistakeably Star Wars with characters and scenes appearing on every piece of tableware there is. The main colour scheme of the tableware is red, with the images appearing quite dark – perfect to fit the general Star Wars feeling! You can definitely tell that what you’re getting will absolutely fit the theme you’re going for, and we recommend pairing the Star Wars themed tableware with red, black and white decorations for maximum effect.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some ideas and inspiration for your next party theme! You can find both bundles of the Star Wars tableware at this link – they’re sure to go down well with any Star Wars lover, new or old.

Pocket money toys that children will love!

Have a chat with your parents and grandparents, and we guarantee you’ll end up with at least one conversation about how everything is much more expensive these days, and you just can’t get things as cheap as they used to be anymore – and we agree! That’s why there’s a whole section of our website dedicated to pocket money toys – a range of little toys that are perfect for your little one to spend their pocket money on! So, if your little one is likely to get money for Christmas, or simply enjoys little toys and would like to spend their pocket money on some, then keep on reading for more information about our range.

Pocket money toys that are tonnes of fun

Little toys are sometimes the most fun, and just go to prove that you don’t have to spend loads of money to get a great toy that your little one will truly enjoy playing with. We have a brilliant range, so there’s sure to be something that everyone will love.

Perhaps the most classic “pocket money” toy there is, is the bag of marbles! Not only do they make a great small gift at a birthday party, or a loot bag filler, but they’re brilliant fun just as they are! Our bag of 15 marbles can be found here, for just £1.20 – definitely a pocket money toy!

A101283new_1[1]A pocket money toy with unexpected benefits is our Twist and Lock brick toy. This toy is made up of connected blocks that you can “twist and lock” into different shapes, figures and even letters! The blocks are brightly coloured, and painted with a high quality paint which is perfectly suitable for children. These blocks are also reportedly good for children with autism, other ASD conditions and can even help relieve symptoms of anxiety – so worth looking into for yourself if you experience any of these. You can find the Twist and Lock Blocks here, for £1.20 each.

For little ones that are slightly more adventurous, why not put them together a little survival set made up of pocket money toys that they can use when they’re next out and about! Some things that you could put into the set are a little compass, such as this one; a camouflage wrist band; a strap on head torch; and some pirate treasure to bury on their outing for someone else to discover later on! We think an idea like this is absolutely brilliant, and little ones will absolutely love their pocket money toy adventure kit.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you some great ideas for pocket money toys for your little one and some ideas for little treats throughout the year! You can find the full range of pocket money toys, including everything we’ve spoken about in this post, here.

Decorate and accessorise your vintage wedding!

A wedding theme that has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent times is the vintage wedding; there’s just something about an older style feel that really appeals to people, and it’s easy to see why! If you’re planning a wedding in the New Year and are thinking of adopting vintage style theme, then we’ve got some brilliant decorations and accessories that will look absolutely wonderful, and complement your theme perfectly! Just keep on reading for more information and some brilliant suggestions.

Vintage decorations and accessories for your wedding

There are plenty of different elements to consider when planning your wedding, and while your decorations may not be at the top of the priority list, they’re definitely something to consider when trying to create an overall atmosphere for your special day.

Vintage Affair

With a name like Vintage Affair, it’s no surprise that all of their products are absolutely perfect for a vintage wedding. A great place to start when planning a wedding is with the “save the date” cards, and Vintage Affair’s offering is absolutely wonderful. They’re a vintage brown in colour, with pretty decorations that let your guests know the save the date, and that their invitations will follow! You can get a pack of 10 of these cards with envelopes, for £3.85, here.

Wedding_Mr&Mrs_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukWhen you’ve chosen your venue, it’s time to start thinking about your decorations; sticking with a similar theme to your “save the date” cards, Vintage Affair also offer gorgeous decorations that are perfect for dressing up your wedding. The “Mr and Mrs” Hessian bunting is decorated with pretty white writing and hearts; the bunting will make a pretty backdrop to your wedding photos, and just complete the atmosphere of your wedding brilliantly! Find it here, for £7.20.

For somewhere for your guests to put their lovely cards and gifts, this hessian sack is lovely, and co-ordinates brilliantly with the other Vintage Affair decorations and accessories. You can find the sack here, for £8.40.

Finally for the Vintage Affair accessories are the brilliant table numbers; they’re made of brown card and have each table number written on them, making them the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your wedding table! You can find them here, for £6.00.


A vintage wedding wouldn’t be complete without a sweet bar and a little bit of colour, would it? If you’re working with something of a limited budget and are preparing your sweet bar yourselves, why not check out these chalk board labels to attach to your sweet jars, letting your guests know what’s inside? Find them here, in a set of 12 for £5.39. Add the finishing touch to your DIY sweet bar with this sweet scoop set and sign; it’s super brightly coloured and will complement the rest of the subdued décor brilliantly. Find it here, for £6.48.

Add a final, colourful, finishing touch to your wedding tables with our paper straws for your guests to enjoy. You can find a huge number of colours and patterns here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great ideas for accessories and decorations for your vintage style wedding – or any style wedding, really! Whatever you choose to have at your wedding, have a lovely day.

Games for a brilliant New Year’s Eve party

While for some of us the New Year’s Eve is about having a drink with family and friends, music and dancing, a great game certainly wouldn’t go amiss. Party games aren’t just for children’s parties, and are in fact a great way to break the ice when not all of your guests know each other, and are brilliant for adding in a bit of extra entertainment to the evening! Of course, different people will like different things, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got a great game that everyone will love!

New Year’s Eve games for everyone!

junior dipstickTrivia games are something that always goes down well with all the friends and family; they’re the type of game that everyone can get involved in, and they’re plenty of fun for all! With this in mind, who could say no to a bit of 70s Trivia? The set contains sixty cards, filled with questions and trivia from the 70s; the set is perfect for lovers of the 70s, children who were born in the 70s and of course, children who grew up with parents from the 70s!

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without some (potentially embarrassing) photos to see you into the New Year, which is why we think that our Vintage Affair photo booth props are the perfect addition to your NYE party; sure, they’re not really a game – but they are fun! The set contains a good range of photo props, which are sure to make your photos fun, memorable and absolutely brilliant to look back on over the coming years. If these seem like something you’d be interested in, then you can find them here.

For those of you having a quieter New Year’s Eve party, perhaps in the form of a dinner party, why not take a look at our dinner party pass the parcel games? Pass the parcel certainly isn’t just for children, and our pre-wrapped, high quality parcels prove that! Under each layer is a fun activity and a sweet treat to enjoy while you’re playing, and the centre layer contains party poppers for as well as the main prize – perfect for seeing in the New Year! You can find out adult pass the parcel games here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some brilliant ideas for New Year’s Eve party games that you, your friends and your family will love! You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post, as well as many more, at this link. Have a great New Year!

Pom-pom and fan decorations for your New Year’s Eve Party!

The party season is upon us! Once we’ve ploughed our way through the Christmas parties and “just because parties”, we end up at the big one. The party to see out the year, the New Year’s Eve party! If you’re tired of attending other peoples’ parties, and heading to a club to see in the New Year just isn’t for you and you want to throw a party of your very own, then we’re on hand to help you decorate it and make it a night to remember… well, when the hungover fog dissipates, anyway. For some brilliant decorations that’ll make your party venue truly look the part, just keep on reading!

Gorgeous New Year’s Eve party decorations

A102180It’s time to party, and of course you want to do it in style. We think that one of the things that really helps set the atmosphere of your party is how you choose to decorate, and although there are some traditional decorative “guidelines”, if you will, for most parties, there’s no such thing for New Year parties.

Our pom-pom and fan decorations are a brilliant way to add some decoration to your party in a way that’s a little bit unusual; they’re not your standard banner or bunting decoration which makes them a little more unique, and the colour combinations available are a great way to fit in with whatever theme or colour scheme you’ve chosen to go with. The texture of the decorations is also something a little special; especially the pom-poms, such as these gorgeous pastel coloured honeycomb balls, and these tissue paper pom-poms.

Because the decorations are made of paper, they’re also pretty customisable. If you like the base colour of a decoration (most of our paper decorations are available in colour coordinating sets, and we have a few different sets to choose from) but you want it to look a little different, there’s no reason you couldn’t add some glitter to the decoration! This would work especially well if you’re planning on having some sort of lighting at your party, as it would reflect off the decoration and look absolutely wonderful.

You can make any of the paper decorations glittery by using a spray adhesive and spraying over the decoration and then sprinkling some glitter in the colour of your choice over the top. A pretty iridescent glitter would look wonderful on these white paper pom-poms to give a slightly snow-like effect.

Our favourite paper decorations for a NYE party are these blue, pink and black fan decorations. They’re gorgeously complementary in colour, and add a bit of glamour to your NYE party that’s perfect for the evening! You can find them here, for £5.05.

We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for some brilliant decorations that are sure to make your venue look amazing! You can find all the great decorations we’ve spoken about, and a few more, at this link – so you’re certainly spoiled for choice. Happy New Year in advance!

Christmas crafts with the children

Many of us enjoy crafting all year around no matter the occasion, but Christmas is definitely the time of year that we take to it like ducks to water and get crafting; either on our own, or with children. There are plenty of things to make and do when it comes to the festive time of the year, so we thought we’d talk through a couple to see if we can’t give you some brilliant ideas for things to do in the last few days before Christmas!

Brilliant Christmas Crafts to do with Children

Christmas decorations are a great place to start when it comes to making things with your little one, but if you don’t have time to make a decoration from scratch, there’s always the option of customising one of ours. Our paper fan and pom-pom decorations come flat packed, so they need to be opened out in order to be popped up, and there’s always the option of decorating them, too.

As we’ve mentioned before, a spray on adhesive and some glitter will go a long way towards making any decoration extra Christmassy; and these look brilliant for New Year’s Eve, too! You can find our paper decorations here.

Some more brilliant ideas for Christmas crafting is to make a paperchain; these look wonderful on the tree, and just decorating the walls and they’re simple as anything to make. All you need is some coloured paper, scissors and some glue or sticky tape. Then just cut your paper into strips, looping the pieces around each other until you have a chain – it couldn’t be easier!

Christmas card crafting

Something that’s always great fun for both you and your children to do is making the Christmas cards for all your family and friends. They’ll usually do a little bit of this at school, but it’s always more fun to do with your family! You can make your crafty cards as simple or complex as you want to make them, but at least you’ll need to have some card, something to decorate with and a whole lot of glitter!

For some ideas of what you can create, and some brilliant templates that you might be able to use when you’re creating your own Christmas cards, take a look at this link. You’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration!

Arts-And-Crafts-Christmas-Stocking-Filler-Set-2015(11)If your little one loves crafting, then our arts and crafts Christmas stocking bundle is well worth looking into. It contains plenty of crafty bits and pieces that your little one will love, and will enjoy playing with throughout the festive period and into the New Year! Find it here.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some fun ideas and inspiration for things to do with your children once Christmas arrives. Crafting is always lots of fun, so doing it with all your family is even better! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wrapped Up!

Christmas is right around the corner now, most of the gift buying has been taken care of and you know what size turkey you need to get in order to feed the whole family – but have you started wrapping? Many of us are guilty of leaving our wrapping right until the last minute, finding endless things cropping up on our to do lists that just take up all of our time and so on… And so we find ourselves on Christmas Eve with a mountain of presents before us, trying to get everything wrapped in time so you can get at least a couple of hours of sleep before the big day. Well, if you’re going to be wrapping at the last minute, you might as well wrap in style, right?

Gorgeous paper and wrapping accessories

red-star-wrapOur Christmas wrapping corner showcases the best Christmas wrapping accessories, and everything you could ever need to get your presents wrapped up and looking brilliant for the festive period.

One thing most people don’t really consider when they’re wrapping their gifts is the tape they’re using, and of course that’s completely understandable; but if you want to make your gifts look extra special, or you’re using a slightly more plain wrapping paper and would like to make it that little bit better with very little extra effort, then you need to take a look at our glitter tape! We have all sorts: from a striped pattern, to red lips, and paper dotted with pretty stars to get you into the festive spirit; they’re a great little accessory for just adding something extra to your wrapping. You can find them here.

Of course, you can’t have Christmas without a gift bag or two floating about somewhere; especially for those awkward to wrap presents, or the bottles of wine that you’re not-so-cunningly disguising! Our gift bags are all wonderfully high quality, super brightly coloured and covered in gorgeous patterns that are sure to look wonderful under your Christmas tree. There are a range of sizes, too, so the chances are you’ll be able to find a bag to fit around your gift! Find our wonderful range of gift bags here.

If you’re one for adorning your gifts with decorations, then you certainly can’t go wrong with a bow. Now, we’re not suggesting you bury yourself in ribbon trying to tie a fancy bow, oh no! Our decorative paper bows are the way to go; we have blue ones, pink ones, and even a great big spotty one – so we’re pretty sure you can find a bow to fit with the theme of gift wrapping that you’ve chosen for your gifts.

No matter the type of wrapping, or the contents of your gift – of course the most important thing about Christmas is that we get to spend it with the people we love; so we hope you have a wonderful Christmas from all of us here at Parties Wrapped Up.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for getting Christmas wrapped up, and getting it done in style! You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post, and plenty more, here. Merry Christmas!