Roll up, roll up, the circus has arrived! Find fun party tableware, games and food ideas here!

When we think of a circus, nothing but fun comes to mind! The attractions, the big top tent, the anticipation all day of heading out to the circus in the evening… even the slight apprehension as you never know exactly what’s going to happen. All of these things are what make a circus theme the perfect party theme for little ones, and we’ve got some great ideas for how you can make that happen! For the perfect tableware for your party, to great food and game ideas, just keep on reading for everything you need to throw an awesome circus party!

Fisher Price Circus Party Tableware

The first tableware set we want to talk to you about is perfect for younger children, and it’s Fisher Price! The tableware is all super brightly coloured, with vibrant fun images of circus animals and other super fun circus themed images. The bumper party pack contains all of the tableware you need for your party, as well as some balloons and a set of “happy birthday” candles. The tableware it includes is: a table cover, napkins, plates and cups – you can amend the total amount of each to accommodate all of your guests. You can find this set here. If all you need is just the tableware, then you can get that, too! Find the tableware set here.

Fisher-Price-Party-TableCircus Time Party Tableware

The Circus Time Tableware is just as cute as the Fisher Price version, just slightly different and is a great option to have if you don’t like super bright colours. The images are still vibrant and gorgeous, but the colours are a little more downplayed; perhaps better for slightly younger children. Like the Fisher Price set, you can get sets that include both tableware, balloons and candles, and a set that just includes the tableware, depending on your needs. The gorgeous predominantly red themed tableware set is perfect for both boys and girls parties, and you can find it here.

Super fun Circus Games and Food

Of course, a party is more than just tableware. Games and food are a must have for most children’s parties, and we’ve got some great ideas for circus themed food and games! You can find plenty of ideas for great circus themed food in this post that we published a few weeks ago – they’re all ideas that you and your party guests will love!

For some brilliantly fun circus themed party games, take a look at this post. It’s full of great ideas for fun games and activities that are perfect for a circus themed party and that your party guests will have plenty of fun with.

Do you feel like you’ve got everything you need to throw an awesome circus themed party now? You absolutely have! We hope we’ve been able to give you the inspiration and information you were looking for, now go and conquer the big top and throw an awesome party! You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post, and lots more circus themed party goodies, here.

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