Girls will love our Bella butterfly pass the parcel party game!

Today we’re going to be talking about a brilliant, classic party game that’s sure to go down a hit with your party guests, and that the birthday girl will love! For the perfect sort of game that’s great for saving you time, money and extra stress, our pre-wrapped pass the parcel games couldn’t be more perfect. They’re all super high quality, hand-made and pre-filled with plenty of fun prizes for the little one and their party guests. Whether you’re just looking for a single game for the party, or a great calming game for the end of the party to wind everyone down just before they leave, this one is perfect!

A great party game for little ones to enjoy

Our pre-wrapped pass the parcel games are perfect for kids to enjoy at parties regardless of the occasion, and the Bella Butterfly Pass the Parcel is no different. Our pass the parcels are all high quality, hand-made and filled with plenty of great prizes to keep kids entertained for hours. Wrapped in high quality, alternating paper to prevent kids ripping through more than one layer at a time, they’re always a hit at children’s parties, and it’s not hard to see why!

Our parcels come as standard with eight layers, but you can add more up to twenty five in total in order to accommodate all the guests at your parcel so everyone can have a go, if you want.

Regarding prizes, the parcels all contain a main prize, and smaller prizes under each of the layers with a sweet treat for little ones to enjoy. The prizes all fit perfectly with the theme of the parcel they’re contained within; in this case, beautiful butterflies!

Bella Butterfly Parcel

Bella-Butterfly-Pass-The-Parcel-And-Main-PrizeThis parcel in particular is themed around pretty butterflies. The parcel is wrapped in white paper with pretty colourful butterflies upon it – the perfect paper for little girls who love girly things! As mentioned the parcels come with eight layers as standard, and a great main prize resides in the centre of the parcel.

The main prize of the Bella Butterfly parcel is a butterfly necklace with a strawberry dipper chew! The strawberry dipper chew is the sweet treat contained under the other layers, and the smaller prizes consist of: a butterfly glider, a butterfly pull back, a set of butterfly stickers, a butterfly sticker stationery set, a butterfly maze puzzle, butterfly bubbles, a butterfly tattoo and a butterfly figure. As you can see, all the prizes included are perfect for the theme, completely suitable for the target age range, and we’re sure that they’ll absolutely love them!

We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for a super fun, super cute party game for your little one and their guests to play at your next party! You can find the Bella Butterfly Pass the Parcel game here, for £14.95.

Give someone a gift to remember this Christmas with this stunning Culinary Concepts hip flask

With Christmas just around the corner, the chances are that you’ve made a start on most of your Christmas presents, but there’s always that one person who’s awkward to buy for. For this person, no amount of planning, internet browsing or traipsing around the shops is going to bring any enlightenment… but maybe we can help! For the person who has everything, has no particular outstanding interests, or is just a little bit awkward, why not take a look at the Culinary Concepts Hip Flask? Not only is it an attractive item, it’s a great Christmas gift!

A wonderful Christmas gift for the awkward recipient

Of course, Christmas is about much more than gift giving; it’s about spending time with your loved ones, enjoying the time you have together and getting the most from the festive period together. That’s not to say that you don’t put plenty of thought and effort into your gifts, though! However, there’s always that one person you have trouble finding a gift for, and that’s no good. For those people; especially a father, husband, brother or close friend, why not take a look at the Culinary Concepts Hip Flask?

A102053The Culinary Concepts Hip Flask is an attractive item, one that oozes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect gift. The flask is silver plated and has a subtle hammered finish effect, with a gold coloured lid. The colours complement each other perfectly, making it a wonderful item.

The flask is a great gift for anyone with a strong interest in shooting, or someone who loves partaking in country pursuits, even just for a few hours! The flask makes a fantastic gift for Christmas, and any other special occasion!

If you’re thinking of getting the Culinary Concepts Hip Flask as a gift, why not consider pairing it with the recipient’s favourite tipple to make a gift combination? They’ll love that! Of course, if the person you’re planning to gift the hip flask to isn’t an alcohol drinker, they could always use it for a different kind of drink – or keep it as a display item, it’s that nice looking!

The flask, as mentioned is silver plated with a hammered finish. The flask holds up to 100ml of liquid safely – just make sure the lid is on tightly!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for the person in your life who’s more than a little bit awkward to buy Christmas gifts for! You can find the Culinary Concepts Hip Flask here, for £28.70.

First birthday party tableware that your little girl will love!

Your little one’s first birthday will be a day you remember forever. The emotions are running high (they grow up so fast!), you’re frantically trying to take in every detail (cherish this, it’ll only happen once!), and you’re snapping photos left, right and centre to document as much as possible (I’ll have a copy of that when it’s printed!). When you want to remember a day as much as you want to remember your little one’s first birthday, it’s worth making sure there’s plenty to remember. Getting brilliant decorations, the perfect party outfit for your little girl, and making sure your table looks awesome. If that’s exactly what you aim to do, then keep on reading for some great suggestions for the perfect tableware for your little girl’s first birthday party!

Gorgeous tableware to make your party table look great!

Whether you’ve chosen an overall theme for your party, or not, choosing great tableware is a simple way to add a bit of colour and decoration to your party, whether you’ve chosen to stick with a simple colour over the rest of the party, or gone all out! We know that many people would love to use coordinating tableware sets for their children’s parties, but often can’t find what they’re looking for and don’t have time to trawl around every shop until they find something which might fit what they’re looking for.

Well, we’ve taken all the fuss out of that process! Most of our tableware set pieces are also available individually, but you can get many of them as a bundle as party of a tableware pack (inclusive of table covers, napkins, cups and plates) or a bumper party pack (inclusive of table covers, napkins, cups, plates, balloons and “happy birthday candles – perfect for tea parties and smaller gatherings!). As you can see, within the sets you receive everything you need for your table, and all you need to add is the food and drink! Alternatively, just mix and match if you only want bright cups, or a patterned table cover, and so on!

The Fancy Fairy tableware pack is a beautiful example of just how pretty a simple set of tableware can be; it’s decorated with a delicate, dancing fairy in pretty girly colours that won’t overwhelm. The set is perfect for a little girl’s first birthday party, and looks absolutely great on your table! It’s a lovely way to just add a little extra to the party without any extra effort on your part! Find this tableware set here, for £13.70.

For a set that your little one is sure to love (especially if they watch cBeebies!), take a look at the Something Special tableware! It’s available individually, so you can mix and match these and choose whichever pieces you prefer – or create a whole set, if you want a cohesive theme across the whole table. You can find the Something Special pieces here.


There are plenty of other super cute themes, such as Belle and Boo and and brilliant circus tableware, so you certainly won’t be stuck for options! We hope we’ve been able to give you plenty of great ideas for the perfect party tableware for your little ones first birthday party! You can find a huge selection of tableware including all of those we’ve spoken about at this link, and the Fancy Fairy tableware here. Happy party planning!

Great Christmas games that are fun for all the family!

Christmas comes but once a year, and all the family descend on the very same day! It’s easy enough keeping the kids entertained, and your parents will likely just fall asleep, but what do you do when you want to get everyone involved and having a tonne of fun? Games are always the best choice for getting everyone having loads of fun together, and we’ve got a couple of suggestions that you’ll love, and your family will love playing! So, if you’re anticipating a house full this Christmas and are stuck for entertainment ideas, just keep on reading.

Family games for entertaining everyone over the festive period


Getting everyone involved and enjoying themselves is a challenge that many people face when they’ve got their family over and it seems everyone has a different idea of what constitutes fun. However, a great game that’s a classic that everyone can enjoy never fails to go down well, and we’ve got a brilliant selection of those that we’re sure will give you hours of fun!

Take a look at this page for a brilliant selection of games that are perfect for everyone; from charades, to “who am I?” to super fun photo props (talk about making memories that you’ll treasure forever!) and even more, you can’t go wrong with these. The “Dinky Dipsticks” are perfect for the kids, especially if they just want to play amongst themselves!

Fancy a game that reminds you a bit of pass the parcel, but with a more interesting twist? Why not give the Whimsical Wonderballs a try? They’re a brilliant fusion of a fun classic game, and a new approach that’ll go down brilliantly with everyone. What is a “whimsical wonderball” you may be asking? Well, they’re little balls made up of tightly wound strips of crepe paper that conceal tiny prizes that everyone will love! The prizes are very small, so they’re probably not the best for younger children, but it’s a brilliantly fun game to play nonetheless! You can find the Wonderball games here, for £6.48.

How about a fun game of bingo that all the family can get involved with? Normal bingo isn’t for everyone, but the Ministry of Games Family Bingo absolutely is! The set contains a notepad containing 48 bingo sheets, 48 card bingo numbers and 4 pencils (so you can re-use the sheets, but why not try laminating the sheets and using a dry-wipe marker to keep everything in good condition, and super colourful?) so you’ve got plenty for loads of games with all the family! Getting everyone involved in a fun game bingo, whether they’re the caller or a player, is sure to go down well! You can find the Ministry of Games Family Bingo game here, for £8.64.

We hope that you’ve now got some great ideas for entertaining the family over the Christmas period. We’re sure they’ll have loads of fun, and you will, too! However you’re celebrating, have a great Christmas.

Beautiful bunting and garland decorations

It may well be the most wonderful time of the year right now, but why not have a gorgeously decorated party no matter the occasion? From baubles to bunting, glitter covered tree decorations to garlands; whatever your choice, go with it! We love a well decorated party, not only do they look fantastic in pictures, but they’re also essential in setting the perfect party mood. Who doesn’t love to walk in and be wowed by the effort someone’s put in to their celebration? Well, we’ve got a secret for you: a gorgeously decorated party doesn’t have to be a lot of effort, and the decorations we’ve got to show you today just prove that!

Bunting and garlands are the perfect decorations for your parties!

A102196Whether you’re a bunting lover or you prefer an elegant garland, these decorations are sure to be right up your street! If you’re planning a party and are looking for the perfect decorations to really impress your guests, then just keep on reading.

We have a huge range of brilliant bunting; from completely plain white bunting, to gorgeous patterns, colours and even pictures, there’s really something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the perfect decoration for your wedding day, or a super fun pirate picture for your little buccaneer’s birthday, we’ve got just the thing!

Whether our bunting is made from material or paper, they’re all incredibly high quality and are sure to stand out on your special occasion. The material buntings can be used more than once, and even the paper can be re-used, providing you’re taking it down carefully and not hanging it out in the rain!

Whatever the occasion you need a beautiful bunting for, we’re sure to have just the thing. You can find the entire range of our bunting decorations here.

For a little more variety, but just as much colour, fun and beautiful decorative pieces; why not take a look out our great selection of gorgeous garlands?

Perhaps you’re a fan of a tasselled garland, or are looking for a lovely Christmas decoration to complement a traditional colour scheme?  Our garlands truly do come in all shapes and sizes; from a Hello Kitty paper garland, to a princess garland that’ll look perfect during a princess party – there’s plenty to choose from! Of course, not everything is so themed and colourful, there are also plenty of subdued options, and a “Mr and Mrs” garland that’s perfect for your special day!

Over all, whatever you’re looking for to make your party venue look perfect, we’ve got you covered!

Who’s in the mood for some decorating now, then?! We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for some gorgeous decorations for the next party you throw, whatever the occasion. You can find all of the beautiful bunting decorations we’ve spoken about in this post here, and all of the gorgeous garlands here. Happy party planning!

Paper straws are the perfect accessory for any celebration!

You may think it a little odd, dedicating an entire post to paper straws but hear us out: paper straws are the perfect party accessory for any party, and provide a finishing touch that fits whatever you’re trying to do with your party without any extra effort on your part – time saving, and it looks great. What more could you ask for? Paper straws are a simple accessory that all your guests, children and adults alike, will absolutely love! They add an extra bit of interest to the party and make your table look even more fun. With plenty of colours and patterns to choose from, you’re bound to find something that works well with your theme.

Simple party accessories that make the world of difference

Paper-Party-StrawsFor a retro, or vintage inspired party you can’t go wrong with a good polka dot. Whether you’re using polka dot decorations, or simply adding a few polka dot straws to your table, it’ll go a long way to creating the atmosphere you’re aiming for with your party, and look brilliant as well! For a brilliant vintage inspired party, check out these black polka dot straws (the dots are white). They’ll complement your party perfectly, and look great in drinks!

If you love the idea of a vintage/retro party but would prefer to go with a little less black in your colour scheme, then you can also find the polka dot party straws and hot pink, and baby pink! These look especially good at parties that already have a lot of pink in them, and will certainly look great at yours.

If your party theme is a bit more general and you’re just looking to add some fun patterns and colours to your table, then the rest of the range of our paper straws are perfect for you! We have brilliant chevron and striped straws in a huge range of colours to complement any party theme you have, and some that are even multi-coloured for a bit of extra impact! Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something that’s right for you, and will look great with the rest of your party.

A whole post dedicated to straws doesn’t seem like such a strange idea now, does it? After all, with this much variety, who doesn’t love a good straw?!

You can find all the great paper straws we’ve spoken about in this post, as well as a few others, here. We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for a fun party accessory for your next celebration!

Super cute owl party ware!

When it comes to themed birthday parties, not everyone is going to like something that’s a little bit over the top – and maybe a little bit difficult to pull off – but it’s nice to marry all the elements of your party together under some sort of uniform, just to keep it aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for your guests. We think an “owl” theme is the perfect way to do this! It gives you a type of theme that you can tailor your party to, without being a bit too hard to pull off. We’ve got lots of bits on our website that are perfect for this theme, and that tie together perfectly to help you throw a brilliant party!

CC3657_OwlPalBirthdayOne thing you’re bound to need at every party is your tableware. We’ve got a lovely set of owl themed tableware with is super cute, and we’re sure all girls will absolutely love! The tableware set has a fun pink and purple colour scheme which will tie in really well with lots of different decorations! This set comes with everything you’ll need for your table, including a table cover, cups, plates and napkins for 8-32 guests! You can also get the owl themed bumper party pack, which includes all of that as well as some candles and balloons so you’ll have almost everything you need for your party in one place!

Once you’ve got your tableware sorted, you’ll of course need to match up your decorations and party accessories! Although they don’t have owls on, we think these “Pink N Mix” pinwheel decorations are the perfect way to add a bit of something extra to your party! They’re mostly white, with pretty pink patterns on them which match perfectly with the owl themed tableware! Each pack contain three pinwheel decorations of varying sizes. They cost just £7.20 and can be found here.

For some more decorations that fit in well with the owl theme, you can have a look at these honeycomb paper decorations! Like the pinwheels, you get three per pack in various sizes. These decorations are all bright pink in colour, however, with slightly different shades! They’ll look brilliant paired with the owl tableware, and even the pinwheel decorations if you fancy mixing things up! You can find the honeycomb decorations here, for £6.48 for the set.

You can find lots of other little accessories and decorations for your party at the link below! There’s lots of pretty paper straws that would look great on your table among the owl tableware, and even some cute paper bags that would make brilliant favour bags to hand out at the end of your party!

We hope we’ve been able to give you an idea for a great theme that’s something a little bit different! We think both older and younger girls will absolutely love this, so it’s a bit of a “suit all” theme. You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post here. Prices vary depending on what you choose, but it’s all very affordable.