Our whimsical wonderball game is sure to go down a hit on Christmas day!

A whimsical wonderball is a tonne of fun, and they’re the simplest thing ever! If you’re not too sure what a whimsical wonderball is, think pass the parcel, but in a ball rather than a parcel. Are you looking for a brilliantly fun party game that’s easy to store before you use it and a breeze to use, as well as being plenty of fun? If so, the whimsical wonderball is the party game for you! If you’re interested in this brilliant party game, then just keep on reading for more information!

Whimsical Wonderballs make a great party game!


If you’re wondering what the Wonderballs are, we’ll let you know here. Basically, they’re cute little balls with six tiny prizes and seven paper scroll questions, facts and puzzles within; they’re all tightly packed up 90 metres of prettily coloured crepe streamers.

If you frequently throw parties, and find that you’re always on the lookout for great party games that are suitable for all of your party guests that are also easy to store, you’ll love the Wonderballs! They’re tonnes of fun, both in the unwrapping of the streamers, and in winning the prizes and carrying out the activities on the paper scrolls. Getting everyone involved in the same activity isn’t always easy, but it’s made a lot easier with the balls and their inclusive activities and prizes.

The small prizes contained within the Wonderballs mean that they’re not suitable for children under the age of three, however they’re a great party game for older children, teenagers and even adults. You could even bring one out at Christmas to play around the dinner table for a bit of extra amusement!

If you prefer a more traditionally styled “pass the parcel” game, then take a look at our brilliant range of pre-wrapped pass the parcel games. Find them here. They’re hand-made, pre-wrapped and contain great prizes that all fit the theme of your choice – a great option for younger children where the Wonderballs aren’t quite suitable.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for a brilliant party game that’s based on a classic but remains a little bit unusual. Whether you’re looking for something to entertain little ones, or just for something to do to pass the time with family and friends during family gatherings, this is perfect! You can find the Whimsical Wonderball here, for £6.48 each.

Add some glamour to your dinner party with this gorgeous Culinary Concepts five arm candelabra

If there’s one thing Culinary Concepts do extremely well, it’s centrepieces for tables where you just need a little bit of extra glamour; and their Five Arm Candelabra does exactly that! Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous centrepiece for your Christmas gathering with family, or simply like the idea of a sophisticated centrepiece for your next dinner party, the candelabra can offer that. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then just keep on reading for plenty more information!

A gorgeous centrepiece or a fantastic gift

Aluminium_Five_Arm_Candelabra_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukThe Culinary Concepts Five Arm Candelabra is a wonderfully sophisticated, glamorous addition to any table, whether that be a Christmas gathering or a dinner party. The Five Arm Candelabra holds, of course, five candles, which allow for a wonderful relaxed atmosphere and calm ambience that is absolutely perfect for a dinner party.

The candelabra is 60cm high, which makes it tall and capable of drawing attention to itself in an understated and utterly elegant manner. Simply add in some candles for a wonderful finishing touch and enjoy the added atmosphere in your room.

As we’ve mentioned, the Culinary Concepts Five Arm Candelabra makes a wonderful gift, as well! If you know someone who is a huge fan of special dinners and dinner parties, then they would absolutely love to receive this gorgeous candelabra as a Christmas gift. It certainly has the wow-factor!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be used as a centrepiece for a table during a dinner! If you’re the type of person who enjoys lighting candles and using beautiful holders for them, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make use of the gorgeous candelabra on a day to day basis. After all, there are no rules against living glamorously every day, are there?

We’re sure that whatever you choose to do with the candelabra; giving it as a gift, keeping it for special occasions or keeping it out for everyday use, it’s an investment that you’ll use and love for years to come. The candle holder is made from aluminium, so is certainly made to last. You’ll get years of use from it!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration for a gorgeous centrepiece for your table, or even a fabulous Christmas gift! You can find the Culinary Concepts Five Arm Candelabra here, for £132.00.

Beautiful Groovy Girls dolls that little girls will adore!

Little girls and their dolls; are there two things that go together any better? We know not every little girl loves a doll, but for those that do, they make a fantastic gift. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional rag doll, or the more realistic “baby” style doll, or you fancy something a bit more out of the box, just like these Groovy Girls Dolls, these are great! So, if you would like to know more about these brilliant Groovy Girls Dolls, then just keep on reading!

Groovy Girls Dolls make a great gift!

A101873The Groovy Girls Dolls really do make the perfect gift for all little girls, regardless of the occasion! They’re highly collectable, too, so if they have one you can guarantee they’ll be interested in the others. Groovy Girls are a well-known toymaker brand, so you can rest assured the gift you’re buying is high quality, well made and will last a long time as your recipient plays with it!

There are three beautiful dolls to choose from; Princess Seraphina, Maddie Mermaid and Ballroom Bella – as well as Primrose Horse! All four of the Groovy Girls range are tonnes of fun, and we’re sure that they’ll be loved by all. They are made from material, so are relatively soft toys that are perfectly suitable for younger children, although they’re not recommended to be given to children under the age of three.

Princess Seraphina (link, £18.00) is a perfectly pretty princess; dressed in a pink dress complete with a jewelled crown. Princess Seraphina’s hair is blonde with a colourful pink streak, which perfectly matches her dress! She looks great with our Groovy Primrose horse, and they make for a brilliant companion gift.

Maddie Mermaid (link, £18.00) is, of course, a mermaid! But remove her tail and you reveal a skirt with legs so she can walk on the shore with you. She has pretty purple hair, and a gorgeous blue and turquoise outfit. Complete with a shell style bag, she’s ready to head out for the day with your little one.

Ballroom Bella (link, £18.00) is the perfect companion to any budding dancers! She is ready to dance the night away in her pretty blue dress, and has lovely pink hair, wrapped up in a blue hair band to match her dress.

Finally, Primrose Horse (link, £30.66)! There are few horses around that are as majestic as Primrose, with her purple mane and tail, and of course utterly wonderful saddle. Primrose Horse makes a brilliant companion to Princess Seraphina, and we think they’d make a wonderful gift when given together.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for some brilliant gifts for the little girl in your life, whether that’s a pretty doll or a gorgeous horse! You can find all of the Groovy Girls Dolls at this link.

Add the finishing touch to your gift with a beautiful bow

Adding the finishing touch to a gift that you’ve just wrapped is the perfect way to add that extra bit of specialness and make it feel truly finished and like it stands out from other gifts that may be being given at the same time. If you’re not particularly skilled with ribbon – and let’s face it, most of us aren’t – or simply don’t have the time to try and tie an intricate bow with all the trimmings, then take a look at our fabulous gift bows that are the perfect way to finish a gift – completely fuss free!

Gorgeous Gift Bows

These gorgeous gift bows are an absolutely beautiful way to finish presents off without the fuss of tying yourself up in ribbons; both sets come with four colour complementary bows that you can co-ordinate with your gifts and wrapping paper to create a wonderfully cohesive gift.

All of the bows are prettily patterned, and no two boys in the sets are the same. Each of the bows come with their own tags so you can write who your gift is to and say that it’s from you.

Pink Gift Bows

The pink gift bow set consists of four different bows; the colours included are a bright pink bow, a bright orange bow, a white and bright pink checked bow, and a white bow with pretty shapes in multi-colours. Each of the bows has a centre of gold glitter, and as mentioned comes with its own tags so you can include your to and from without messing up your parcel.

These bows would work brilliantly with a clean white paper, bright pink and even black. Mixing and matching the bows and including two complementary bows on a single parcel would be a great way to add an extra bit of interest.

You can find the gorgeous pink gift bows here, for £5.40 for the set of four.

Blue Gift Bows

Blue_Bow_Gift_Decorations_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukThe set of blue gift bows includes bows of four different colours and patterns, just like the pink ones. The colours and patterns included in this set are; a bold gold glittery bow, a pretty mint blue bow, a blue and white striped bow and a white bow with gold glitter stars. Each of the bows is finished with a pretty golden glitter centre.

These bows would work wonderfully with white, blue, black and navy paper for the perfect, wonderfully cohesively wrapped gift.

You can find the pretty blue gift bow set here, for £5.40 for the set of four bows.

Each of the bows measure 5 by 2 inches, and make the absolute perfect finishing touch to your gifts! We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for how to finish your gifts with basically no fuss, we think both you and your gift recipient will love these bows, and you’ll want to use them again and again!

Beautiful bunting and garlands to dress up your wedding venue

Wedding_Mr&Mrs_www.partieswrappedup.co.ukYour wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so of course you want it to be a day to remember. No doubt you’ll end up with hundreds of pictures to look through, maybe a video recording and of course your memories of the day which will last forever. The fact that your wedding is going to be such a memorable experience and have a lot of recorded memories means that you need to invest in some brilliant decorations that will make your pictures as beautiful as your day was. We’ve got some great suggestions for some beautiful wedding decorations here, just read on.

Vintage Affair “Cards” Hessian Burlap Bunting

This gorgeous hessian bunting is the perfect addition to your wedding to indicate to your guests where to leave their cards full of well-wishes. It’s in a gorgeous vintage style, with pretty white lettering which will perfectly complement your wedding’s decorative scheme. This bunting is 1.5 metres in length, and costs £7.20. You can find it here.

Vintage Affair “Candy Bar” Hessian Burlap Bunting

Another beautiful hessian bunting with pretty white lettering directing your guests to your candy bar! Just like the other Vintage Affair bunting, the vintage, rustic style of the bunting lends itself wonderfully to classic wedding décor, and it’ll look fab as a backdrop to any pictures your guests are taking. You can find this bunting here, for £7.80 for a 1.5 metre length.

Vintage Affair “Mr & Mrs” Hessian Burlap Bunting

If you’d like to complete the set and have an overall rustic decorative scheme to your wedding, then complete the bunting trio with this gorgeous hessian bunting. Like the others, this too has a pretty white lettering which says “Mr & Mrs” and would be idea for the bride and groom to have their photo taken under, perhaps during the reception. This bunting is also 1.5 metres in length, and you can find it here for £7.20.

Vintage Affair White Paper Flower Garland

Perhaps the most traditionally “wedding-like” of all the decorations we’ve looked at so far, this one is absolutely beautiful. The garland is made up of white paper shaped into roses, and would look gorgeous as an element of any wedding’s decoration. This bunting is 1.5 metres in length, and can be found here for £6.00.

Gold Sparkling Confetti Garland Decoration

To add a bit of extra glitz and glamour to your wedding and indulge in an accent colour, the Gold Sparkling Confetti Garland Decoration is perfect; it looks great no matter where you put it, and will complement pretty much any colour scheme actually perfectly. You can find this bunting here, for £4.20 for a 2 metre length.

White Fabric Bunting

This bunting is the most traditional of all the buntings we’ve talked about today; it’s made of a pure white fabric, and each of the pendants is simply white, and traditionally triangular. This bunting is perfect for decorating DIY weddings or adding your own personal touch to your decoration. You can find this wonderfully simple bunting here, for £8.64 for a 5 metre length.

Ahoy me hearties! The Jolly Roger pirates ship is sure to keep your little buccaneer entertained for hours!

Who doesn’t love a pirate?! We’re pretty sure that buccaneers are the most popular of all those who make their life on the sea, and it’s not hard to see why. Sailing around on the seven seas in their impressive pirate ships with parrots, cannons and eye patches – what’s not to love? Well, if your little one loves a pirate and you’re looking for a relevant gift but aren’t too sure what to get them, then take a look at this. The Jolly Roger Pirates Ship is a brilliant gift for the young pirate lover you know, and we’re pretty sure they’ll love it!

A brilliant gift with everything you need to sail the Seven Seas!

A102249_AThis brilliant toy set really does contain absolutely everything you need to make a game out of sailing the seven seas, and will provide hours and hours of fun! In the Jolly Roger Pirates Ship you’ll receive: the ship, the captain, two other pirates, a removable plank, a cannon (to fight off rival pirate ships, of course!), a treasure chest to bury, and a map to plot your way back to it, and a shark – just to make things that little bit more interesting!

As you can see, all the nine pieces of the set complement each other perfectly, making the games that little ones can play virtually endless! We find that this sort of toys are perfect for children who are just beginning to use their imaginations in the games they play, allowing them to set their own scene and tell a story with their games.

It’s especially rewarding for parents, grandparents and even older siblings to play with this kind of toy with little ones. Just seeing how they imagine the world to be, and how they can make stories simply from a set of a few toys is pretty inspiring, and we think that this toy absolutely gives them the opportunity to do that.

Whether given as a Christmas, birthday, or a “just because” gift, this is something that boys will have plenty of fun playing with, for absolute hours! And if you join in with them, we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun, too. Perhaps as an accompaniment to the set, you could suggest making some backdrops of gorgeous islands, bright blue sea and caves to hunt for treasure in; really get your little one’s imagination working!

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for a pirate themed gift that your little one will absolutely love! You can find The Jolly Roger Pirates Ship here, for £38.15.

Multi-purpose stools that are a must have for your home this Christmas

Fatboy-Pink-Point-Stool-Model-A102309You would be forgiven for thinking that a piece of furniture has only one purpose, can’t be used for anything else and has to come in a neutral colour that basically blends into your walls. Well, the Fatboy Point Stool belies all of these points; it’s multipurpose, it’s bright, and we think you’ll love it! With Christmas around the corner you’re probably already wondering where you’re going to seat everybody, you never have enough chairs! That mad rush for seating when all of your family has crowded into one room is a yearly nightmare that takes months to forget… Well, we think we’ve got the perfect solution for you this year.

We all know the struggle for seating, and places to put the seats when we find them, is real and it only ever seems to get worse year by year. Well, the Fatboy Point Stool could make this year’s Christmas seating crisis a little easier to deal with! The stools are made from high quality material and a special EPS stuffing which is guaranteed to bring you the utmost in physical comfort. The stools are manufactured from a hardy, nylon fabric so they’ll last for years – and you need never worry about where to seat everyone again.

We currently stock the stools in three different colours, Dark Purple, Red and Pink, so there’s something for everyone and they’re sure to stand out. They measure 47 x 47 x 52 cm, and are water and dirt repellent so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about them getting grubby – we do recommend using them indoors only, however.

One of the great selling points of the Fatboy Point Stool is that it’s a pretty multipurpose product. Although it makes a fantastically comfortable stool, you can also use it as a side or coffee table, or even as a footrest (but make sure you take your shoes off first!). Because the stool is brightly coloured and makes sure it stands out, it would complement a neutrally decorated room perfectly, and bring an extra bit of colour that was otherwise missing from the space.

Of course, the stool also makes a brilliant gift; especially for teenagers! We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every piece of furniture they own tends to end up as a clothes rack, so why not give them something that’s truly multipurpose, that way they might accidentally end up using it for its proper purpose!

Overall, the Fatboy Point Stool is a great addition to any room and perfect for any occasion – they’re easily stored so you can just bring them out when you need extra seating, or keep them dotted around the room to use as coffee tables and footrests, if that appeals to you more. There is no one purpose for them!

You can find the Fatboy Point Stool in all three colours here, for £59. We hope we’ve been able to give you some great inspiration for a super handy, functional piece of furniture, or for a great gift!