Party games that are perfect for a circus themed party

Circus themed parties are great; whether you’re celebrating a birthday, or having a circus themed garden party with your family and friends – you can’t go wrong! With lots of fun opportunities to dress up, and the chance of a clown (only if no one’s afraid, though!) this is a party theme that we think everyone can enjoy. Not to worry if you’re stuck for party game ideas, though, we’ve got plenty for you here!

A100598new_1[3]Face painting is a classic. It’s a go to entertainment source for loads of children’s parties and that’s because they love it! Set someone with a smidge of artistic talent up with some face paint and get the children to line up to be transformed into the animal of their choice; they’ll love it, and your photos will look fantastic! Saying that, we know not everyone has that smidge of artistic talent we mentioned, so the kits we’ll recommend have exactly what you need for specific face designs, so you can’t go wrong! Find the Snazaroo face kits here, for £5.99 each. You can choose between pirates, princesses, pirates and dizzy dogs! There’s also a ghoul set, but we’re not sure that’d fit with your circus theme too well.

A pass the parcel is the perfect game for calming children down after all the excitement of parties, and we’ve got some suggestions we think you’ll love! Our pre-wrapped pass the parcel games come completely wrapped with all the prizes already within, so all you need to do is take them from their box and hand them to your party guest who’s starting the game, and these ones fit the circus theme like a glove! They’re both zoo animal themed, so full of great animal related goodies that fit brilliantly with the circus theme, the main prize of each is a zoo animal finger puppet, and each other layer has a great zoo animal prize in. You can find the first variation here, and the other two here.

How about a treasure hunt? We know, it sounds like more of a pirate game but hear us out. Hide some animals about and set the children the challenge of finding them to win their party bags! It’s a great last game before everyone goes home, and we’re sure your party guests will love it. You could even use these great circus themed pre-filled party bags as the prizes! They’re full of great circus themed goodies, and come in a cute pin striped bag that fits the theme perfectly. Find them here, for £2.06 per bag.

Here’s a game you can play with just a few pieces of paper, a blindfold and the children’s imagination – Pin the Tail on the Lion! It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, we’re just switching out a donkey for a more fearsome creature. All you need to do is print a picture of a lion without its tail, and print a separate picture of a tail. Blindfold the little ones as they go to take their turn, and whoever pins (or blue tack, for safety!) the tail the closest to where it should go, wins! It’s simple, but you wouldn’t believe how much fun these games bring to parties.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great ideas for circus themed party games, whatever your occasion!

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