Beautiful jewellery gifts for girls

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for girls and don’t quite know what to get, jewellery is generally a safe option! Now, we don’t mean that super expensive jewellery that their parents will never let them wear for fear of losing it, of course – just pretty jewellery that they’ll enjoy wearing, and be able to wear without fear of loss. If that’s the type of stuff you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place because we’ve got some brilliant suggestions!

Jewellery makes for a pretty fool proof gift for girls, providing you get the right sort of jewellery for the age range you’re buying for! While beaded necklaces might be fine for younger girls, teenagers would probably prefer something on a chain – either way, we’ve got you covered!

Our bright butterfly necklace is a brilliant gift for younger girls. It’s a beaded necklace with a pretty butterfly pendant, and is available in three different colours. The necklaces make great gifts for little ones aged three and over, and are fabulous stocking fillers! You can find the bright butterfly necklace here, for just £1.02. If you’re looking for a butterfly necklace that’s great for older girls, the Abalone Butterfly Necklace is absolutely perfect! It’s a butterfly pendant on a sixteen inch chain, and the gems within the butterflies are available in a number of different colours. The Abalone butterfly necklace is available here, for £2.76; it’s a brilliant gift! We even have brilliant Abalone butterfly bracelets that coordinate with the necklaces perfectly – why not make it up as a set? Find the butterfly bracelet here, for £5.63.

Melissa-And-Doug-Flower-Bead-Jewellery-Making-KitAlthough we’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for ready-made jewellery, plenty of children enjoy making their own accessories that they can wear with pride. Why not get a DIY jewellery box set so they can make their own box to store their jewellery? This Melissa and Doug design your own jewellery box contains everything you need to decorate your own jewellery box and make it great. It’s the perfect gift for creative little ones. Find it here, for £14.10.

With regards to DIY jewellery sets, we’ve got plenty of sets perfect for girls of all ages! For younger girls, the Wooden Flower Bead Set is perfect; it contains enough to make plenty of pretty jewellery to wear, or give as gifts. Find the set here, for £5.45. For older girls, the Pippin DIY jewellery sets are absolutely perfect. We have plenty of different sets, so there’s lot to choose from, and they all have enough to make various styles of jewellery. You can find all of the Pippin DIY jewellery sets here. The prices vary depending on the set you choose, but they’re all very affordable and make brilliant gifts.

You can find all the great jewellery we’ve mentioned here, and even more, at this link. For the DIY jewellery kits, check out this link. We hope we’ve been able to give you some brilliant gift inspiration for birthday and Christmas gifts!

Double sided wrapping paper – a great way of mixing and matching your gift wrap options!

A102206If there’s one thing people always manage to forget when out buying gifts, especially on birthdays, it has to be wrapping paper; and even if you do remember, the chances are you only got one type. That’s not going to provide any variety if you’ve got multiple gifts to wrap! Well, this is why we think double sided wrapping paper is a great idea, and we’re going to share it with you today! If you’re in the market for some great wrapping paper to stock up on for those “forgotten the paper” situations, then just keep on reading!

We’ll just start off by talking about the paper itself, before we get into styles. All of the double sided wrapping paper we have for sale is a high quality paper, with vibrant colours and crisp, pretty patterns! All of the paper is printed in the UK (so no nasty emissions getting it shipped over!), and only top quality, uncoated, acid free paper is used, meaning that the paper won’t fade no matter how long you keep it stashed! The paper is also 90gsm, so nice and sturdy – it won’t flap around endlessly while you’re trying to wrap your gift!

We have several beautiful designs, perfect for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, Christenings; any occasion you can think of! The double sided paper is perfect for mixing and matching, allowing you to create a co-ordinating set of gifts without them all looking the same. The high quality paper means your present will look great on the pile, too!

The apples and pears/candy stripe design is the perfect example of how the paper is so complimentary; the designs are different, but work brilliantly well together. One side of the paper is decorated with colourful pears and apples, with the other in vibrant candy stripes. This paper in particular is perfect for birthday presents, and if you’re using the candy stripes side, your gifts will look great under the Christmas tree! You can find this particular variety of paper here.

If you’re looking for some beautiful wrapping paper for a baby shower for a little girl, then the pink flower paper is perfect! The paper is a pretty pink colour, with large flowers on one side, and smaller flowers on the other. It’ll look great wrapping any baby shower, or new baby gifts! You can find this paper here. For great baby shower and new baby paper for a boy, why not take a look at the celebrate/blue and red star paper? One side of the paper is decorated with the word “celebrate” in pretty writing, and the other is blue coloured, with red stars. It’s perfect for both baby showers and new baby gifts! Find it here.

The double sided wrapping paper comes in 50 x 70cm sheets, and one sheet is included per pack. Each pack of double sided wrapping paper costs £1.79. You can find all the great double sided wrapping paper we’ve spoken about today, and even more gorgeous designs, at this link. We think it’s probably a good idea to stock up, you never know when you’ll need to wrap something!

Beautiful table decorations for your wedding

Wedding-TableWho said that walls, ceilings and cakes are all you can decorate? When it comes to your wedding, nothing’s off limits! Table decorations are a great way to make your table look gorgeous, and really make your wedding stand out in people’s minds. If you’re looking for some great ways to decorate tables at your wedding, then we’ve got some great suggestions for you! From ornaments, to table confetti, to candle holders and all sorts – whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the right sort of decoration for you to add to your table.

When celebrating your special day, there’s no reason you can’t make your decorations pretty and functional at the same time; these Vintage Lace Table Numbers are the perfect example of this. They’ll give your guests guidance as to which table is theirs, while adding to the elegant, sophisticated décor of your wedding as a whole. The pretty white cards with silver edging and numbers are perfect for traditionally decorated weddings, and will add to the atmosphere perfectly. You can find the cards here, for £4.80.

Candle holders and candle-light add a pretty, relaxed ambience and atmosphere to your wedding, and our Culinary Concepts candle holders are the perfect way to do this. For the head table, why not try the Five Arm Candelabra? It’s sophisticated, and really draws attention; you can find the candelabra here, for £132. For smaller candle holders, suitable for the rest of the tables in the room, the Pebble Tealight holders are great! They hold a single tealight, and are enough to add some decoration and light to the table without completely taking over. You can find the Pebble tealight holders here, for £17.15.

Table confetti is a cute, but unusual way to decorate your table for your wedding. Whether you’re looking for sparkles, or more colourful confetti, we’ve got something that’ll complement your colour scheme and make it look great! For extra special confetti sparkles, these Decorative Table Sparkles are absolutely gorgeous; just sprinkle them around and the candlelight will reflect prettily from them. Find them here, for £7.20.

Larger sparkly gems wouldn’t go amiss on your wedding tables, either! Like the smaller sparkly gems, they’ll reflect the candlelight prettily, and make your table photo-worthy all on its own. You can find the larger gems here, for £2.39. If you’re looking for some confetti that’s a little bit more unusual, but equally pretty all the same, then the Retro Dots and Triangles Table Confetti are great. They’re colourful, and unusually shaped, and would complement an unusual decorative style perfectly. Find them here, for £2.15.

You can find everything we’ve spoken about in this post, as well as lots more, at this link. We hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration for some great wedding table decorations, there’s plenty to choose from!

Looking for a Game? Hats On!

A102234_AFamily time is a commodity becoming more and more special as time goes on. With long hours at work, outside commitments and, frankly, the TV, taking away from special time you could be spending with family, the short hours you get with them should be something you treasure. Choosing something to do when you’re all spending time together is the real challenge, though. What can you do that everyone will enjoy? A game that gets everyone involved, of course! The game we’ll be telling you about today is a great family game that will get everyone involved and having plenty of fun.

The Ministry of Games Hats On game is absolutely brilliant for getting everyone involved and playing together. The game is simple, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Within the set, you’ll receive eight card hats and one hundred and twenty different cards; stored in a box that’s 21 x 12 x 3cm in size.

How to play the game

As we’ve mentioned, playing the game couldn’t be any simpler. Each player puts on one of the card hats, and without looking (maybe it’s best to get someone else to do it for you) put the card you’ve selected into the brim of your hat. Then, each of the players in the game takes turns, and the first person who guesses who they are wins the game.

Essentially, it’s just a more interesting version of 21 questions, but it’s guaranteed to get the whole family involved and having plenty of fun.

In case you’re wondering; the hats are made of coloured cardboard, and attach around your chin using elastic. No actual hats here! The game is great to play during family nights, even around the dinner table at Christmas, if you fancy.

We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for a game to play during family time! You can find the Ministry of Games Hats On game here, for £8.40.

Fabulous fabric tea sets that little ones will love!

Afternoon Tea SetToys that are suitable for very young children are notoriously difficult to find, making birthday and Christmas gifts quite a lot less varied than perhaps you’d want them to be. If you have a little one in the family, or perhaps have a child yourself, that you’re looking for a suitable gift for, we think we have just the thing! Whether you’re a proponent of the teddy bear or not, it never hurts to branch out and have a look in to more things; which is why we think fabric toys, in particular our fabric tea sets are great!

Although toys are the traditional gifts for younger children on special occasions, sometimes those sharp looking corners aren’t too suitable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find more than just a stuffed animal that’s a soft toy? Well, you can! Our Fabric Tea Sets make a brilliant gift for younger children; they’re soft, being made of fabric, but they’re also lots of fun and children will have hours and hours of fun playing with them! They’re the perfect toy to help stimulate their imagination; the tea set is suitable for children aged three years and older, which is around the age they start to imagine themselves in new situations. Pair a fabric tea set with a toy kitchen, and you’ve got hours of fun just sat right in front of you.

As for the tea set itself; we currently stock the tea set in two different colour schemes. Ones all pink, and the other is a pretty pastel mix scheme. We would say that the tea sets are suitable for both boys and girls, depending on what they like to play with. The set contains 32 pieces in total, including the picnic blanket, or table cloth, a full tea set including a tea pot, cups, saucers, spoon and even cupcakes.

The fabric tea set means no more broken pieces of crockery from the children’s usual China tea set toys; and no mess for you to clean up! You can be sure that even if a piece of the set gets thrown, no one will get hurt, and nothing is going to get broken!

We think the fabric tea set is a great gift for younger children; they’ll love playing with it, and you’ll love joining in! You can find both of the fabric tea sets we’ve spoken about in this post here, costing £31.80 each. We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift for a little one close to you.

Party games for all your family and friends to get involved in!

A102240_DIt’s always good when you find a great game that the whole family can play, getting everyone involved. Spending time as a family is important in this day and age, but it’s not always fun to just sit together and watch a movie, which is why when we find a game that we think you all will love, we tell you about it! These Dipstick Games are absolutely brilliant; they’re compact and easy to store, so you won’t need to worry about finding spare shelf space to store all your board games, but they’re still incredibly fun and guaranteed to have you all laughing.

Both our Dipstick Games and Dinky Dipstick Games are absolutely brilliant games for all the family to play together. They’re great games for those who don’t have a lot of space to store board games, and for people who just want something fun and simple to play, without having to learn a lot of rules for games that they’ll only play once or twice.

The Dipstick Games come in eleven different types, with eleven different games in tubes! The prices of the Dipstick Games range from £6.00 to £9.36 depending on the option you choose. Each Dipsticks tube contains a varying number of sticks with the games on; and each stick has the action or activity to perform written on it. The tubes contain various different games such as Charades, Shout it Out, a drawing game, and so on. These games are great to play on family night, but they’re also perfect for playing at dinner parties, or evening “get togethers” with your friends.

If you like the idea of the Dipsticks Games, but would prefer to have a version for younger children, then our Dinky Dipsticks games are for you. They’re great if you’d like to play as a family but have a game easy enough that children can get involved and know what they’re doing, and they’re perfect for playing at children’s parties, too! We currently have four different versions of the Dinky Dipsticks games; Shout it Out, Who Am I?, Luck of the Draw, and No! No! Don’t Say It! Each of the Dinky Dipsticks tubes cost £6 each, and are brilliant fun for both children and adults alike.

You can find all of the varieties of adult dipstick games we have to offer here, and all of the Dinky Dipstick games here. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to play some great party games with all the family, and perhaps even play them at parties!

Girls love making and creating so what better gift than a design your own: wooden jewellery box?!

You know how it is, girls get to a certain age and it then becomes a bit of a nightmare trying to find a gift that’s suitable for them. You want something they’ll enjoy using, but something that they’ll also have plenty of fun with when you first give it to them. What sort of things tick the boxes that you need to be ticked? A “do it yourself” gift, of course! Giving a gift that’s fun at the time and keeps on being fun months and months after the initial gift handover is the best, and we’ve got a great suggestion for you!

There’s nothing like giving a gift that just keeps on giving; and this Melissa and Doug “design your own” wooden jewellery box does exactly that. It’s the type of gift that isn’t only functional, but also lots of fun, and even helps to encourage the imagination of the young girl you give it to! There are very few younger children that don’t enjoy designing their own things that they get to use later on, and this is a great example of one such gift that we’re sure the recipient of your present will absolutely love. the Melissa and Doug Design Your Own Wooden Jewellery Box, your gift recipient will receive everything they need to make a brilliant little jewellery box that they can put their own spin on. The set contains a little wooden chest, that has a velvet lined base and a safety mirror inside the lid. It also comes with an all-inclusive arts and crafts kit which includes craft glue, glitter glue, sparkling gems and glitter stickers. When packaged, the box measured 4.75’ x 6’ x 4.75’, so the finished product will be a nice size, perfect for storing any special trinkets and jewellery. We’re sure that any girl will absolutely love this set, both making it and using it when it’s finished! The set is suitable for children aged four years and over, so would make a brilliant fifth birthday present, although they might need a little help decorating the box!

The fantastic gift gives girls an opportunity to put their own spin on the gift you’re giving them, which makes it all the more personal than just taking something ready-made off the shelf and handing it over; you could even help them decorate it to make it the most personal gift you can give.

You can find the Melissa and Doug Design Your Own Wooden Jewellery Box here, costing £14.10. We hope we’ve been able to give you a great idea for the perfect girls’ birthday present, if you were a little stuck for ideas. It’s certainly a good one!